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Destiny 2 announced plans to completely remove mythical shards currency from the game

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Legendary shards are one of the currencies that Destiny two players can either have enough of or cannot afford, and that’s a problem because it has spent the most time in upgrading materials and equipment. In order to stop money bloat and make the game easier to play, Bungie announced that legendary shards were going to disappear from Season 23. Play the final three seasons of the season.

The introduction of the new season will see the fragments being discharted from the Monument to Lost Lights and the gear focusing, followed by the disappearance of the currency when The Final Shape releases. Players should notice that the currency is not replaced with anything, no exchanges were made; if you have shards in your pocket before the expansions begin, you’re probably going to just get started.

The change can naturally have some negative effects on the shooter. If you break down the legendary and exotic items a primary source for shards, you can now get some more glimmer and enhancement cores. Even though glimmer prices aren’t rising, glimmer, and engrams, and other materials are likely to drop more frequently from many activities.

The issue of the tails is one of the biggest pieces in the week’s newsletter, but at the moment, the post outlines the season 23 updates for PvP players, including the launch of Tribute mode for the seasons Iron Banner, the return of the Citadel map, the consolidated maps of many different maps, and the gold medal for Crucible. During Season 22, PvE players may adjust a pair of exotic armors and also several different weapons tuning for Season 23 – all which are detailed in the newsletter.

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