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Developers have disagreements over the decision of the management against Unity

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The announcement of a new installation tax from Unity is a disaster for the company. A former employee who had just left the company reported on X that many others were about to follow suit due to a management decision that surprised even them.

Unity is a source of a lack of risk. It would be foolish to build new games.

Forbes responded to this like the following:

Since I was a Unity employee until this morning, I can assure you that we’ve been fighting like crazy to say that you keep repeating the points you continue to hear to your boss. We were told there would be further discussions, but no warning was made. Those of us who care are gone. There are further voluntary layoffs at the end of the week.

One such developer, Dillon Rogers, responded immediately to Forbes, saying he appreciated the words and everyone knew the real problem with Unity.

People who run the show rarely listen to developers or engineers like you.

Indeed, many companies prefer to stop a culture of the masses that are in command positions, giving the public the opportunity to question their problems. If the culture and politics of society are not just bad, the culture is bad and oppressed by social change, so as to give a culture of liberty to many people, the culture and the world are worse, and the game is far more powerful.

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