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Diablo 3 is still hot. The season 29 yokeynneynias is full of surprises

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In the second half of Season 1 of Diablo 4, action RPG fans reconnected with social media after discussing the third episode of the Blizzard Entertainment. Why do players so attracted to Diablo 3 this summer? All the difference is between Season 29 and the last which, although not last, will eventually allow the interruption of support post-launch. But now the seasons continue to rise, and so the teads will be infuriated.

There is another way of saying that even gamers love this story in the beginning with the new feature of the new update, which introduces lots of interesting modes and features to make those who have survived the battle with Lilith envious and can climb the scales of the first Diablo 4 Battle Pass. As soon as we saw the arrival of Episode 29 of Diablo 3 on Battle.net, we got the chance to try all the content that it brought us, but now we’re ready to talk to you about it.

It’s better on the whole than on the other hand.

The most important innovation of Visioni Ostili, the Italian name of Season 29 of Diablo 3, is the way players approach the adventure. There was never any distinction between those who prefer the solo experience and those who like to enjoy their friends, despite the number of users in the game, the rankings were all the same for everybody.

With the end of last season, things were different for lone wolfs: an alternative was made to activate a seasonal hero called Solo Self Found. When you check it, you get a seasonal character, which is different from the classic. These heroes are on the verge of being excluded from playing online multiplayer, and there’s a genuine single-player experience.

All warriors who follow this rule are managed separately. The final result of these moves is that Paragon levels and storage are shared only among those who have one player mode active. This particular choice is designed to guarantee the safety of all players, if it’s because of the simple and hardcore seasonal figures being added.

As far as I have, it’s going to be nice to do some hardcore exercises like the self-few option. For the sake of losing confusion, it must be noted that activating this special play option isn’t harmful to the creation of the Blizzard title, which is as good as Solo Self Found still a live-action online product.

Hostile Visions

In addition to Solo Self Mode, the latest Diablo 3 update (here is Diablo 3 review) introduces a new mechanic that we enjoyed a lot during our test in the PTR. For Season 29, seasonal characters of all levels can come across strange blue portals called Hostile Visions, i.e. enthrorances that give the player an opportunity to go into an frenetic adventure full of rewards and enemies.

The seasonal mechanic in question is simply random and can play with the elimination of any opponent even during your trips in adventure mode. Death a demon brings in the blue rift to appear, giving you the chance to test yourself. Hostile Visions are completely different from any other activity seen so far, because they can catapult the user into a loop of massacres without a time limit often created by dungeons. Crossing the threshold of the portal you can see a well-defined arena, whose appearances are based on the most important biomes of the Blizzard game. Each of these rooms presents a different number of powerful enemies, with the possibility of coming across more like these: the horde of treasure goblins, running across wildly. But what exactly happens with these Hostile Visions? The answer is so simple: you remove the creatures inside them, until one of them opens an object when one takes its last breath (it is the connection to another place where you must repeat the process until the final room complete with a treasure chest).

When you read how this gate works, this is an activity characterized by frenetic rhythms, the action of the enemy takes off from the moment you stop you crossing the threshold, until the end of the process, the container with a lid full of loot arrives following the long path of elimination. That demonstrates that the Hostile Visions seemed quite difficult compared to the standard challenge of Diablo 3.

Excellence in multilevels for everybody.

The real challenge offered by Hostile Visions is represented by the new Elite affixes who, in some cases, can even test the most famous build. Enervant-type enemies are used to reducing their force, particularly by falling backwards. In addition, they get increased skill capacity by 50%.

This causes the greatest lethal short-range enemies to become significant threat when the Affix is active. All in all are the Necrotic creatures that reduce the players’ healing power by 65%, as well as having a damage over time effect which within 30-seconds erodes the target of 80% of his maximum health, the death is in the way. Closing the circle, the Draining Affix is the most exhausting of the three, since the demons who display it can be evict the Nefilim of 65% of the resources with each blow: in short, when these enemies are nearby you will must fight in order not to consume the class resources.

The modifications mostly involve Hostile Visions, but the major revisions to Paragon levels have much broader effect. With Season 29, the developers of Diablo 3 decided to change things like the Paragons, which for those who don’t know, the special skills skills accumulate after achieving the level cap and which allow you to more accurately improve the character by improving certain things like attack power and level of health. Until last season, players can be counted upon for each of the attributes on the four tabs of the excel screen (baseless offense, defence and vitality). With the new update, the situation makes it very difficult to set aside 200 points for each of the four pages, or so on, 800.

Consider that you need to invest all 200 points of the Offense panel, so that the speed of attack increases, because there will not be a limit of 50 now. This choice gives the user more choice-making power when making the build, but settings such as movement speed have been tweaked to avoid crazy configurations. Every point spent in this parameter will increase it by 1275%, given that with the old value it would have been possible to increase this attribute by 100 %, certainly too much. It’s worth noting that this small revolution doesn’t seem to be permanent and the developers claim that it will only be linked to Season 29. It’s likely the experiment is a success. It can only be implemented indefinitely if the class is abandoned to allow more than one million old obscenes rehabilitations to the position of competitors and competition – but still in any case, it is also in any probability that it will be implemented forever.

We find a significant difference in the class’s balance. In the case of the Shaman, the experts decided to intervene on the Furious Chicken. Now, the bonuses given to the legendary bow and Manajuma have been greatly improved. The change to the Demon Hunter is pretty specific, making some aspects of the bonuses set by the Terrorsmans. The third class in the class to get some adjustments is the Crusader, who has been added a bonus to the bonuses of the Vigilant Belt and an improvement to the effect of the two-handed flail from the Akkhan set.

The rest of this is done in Season 29 of Diablo 3. Indeed, the inevitable seasonal objectives are gone, so fans can get a set of their choice (one for each class), a new pet and a few other cosmetic elements that allow fans to share their experience with everyone who played online, and they share the fact that they have also participated in the traditional action version of Blizzard Entertainment last year.

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