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Diablo III PTR 2.7.6 – Has Concluded for a definite date?

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New report from the year 23.

Gameplay Updates

Class Balance

  • Cluckeye now drops just for witches.
    • Thus, Cluckeye doesn’t spawn with the secondary attribute of a large scale scale.
  • There’s also a list of other items that’ll help you in Djank.

Oreks Dream

  • The Toxic Lurker (Monster Set 8) and Dark Berserker (Monster Set 1) have been removed. Both Summoner Charger and Lacuni Slasher have been added in their place.

Bug Fixes

Diabolical Fissures

  • Diabolical Fissures now denote on screen and in the chat box once it’s spawned.
  • A Diabolical Fissure isn’t able to spawn in Greed’s Realm.
  • The placeholder text for the figure at the end of a dialled Fissure is now replaced with a message.


  • There could be a crash when players opened their achievements.

Huzzah, Nephalem!

We welcome you to the GTA’s Diablo III patch 2.7.6. From August 15 August 29th, please test the new Solo Self Found mode, Visions of Enmity, Seasonally theme, Paragon Ceiling features, Class and Class balance updates, and more.

Seasonal Journey

PTR focus and details.

Tips for PTR testing.

A single one found themselves in a separate house.

Time to take on the world.

Paragon Ceiling

Changes have become communal.

Class salaries are changed.

Bug Fixes

How to participate in the PTR?

PTR Character Copy.

Please note that this is a preview of PTR-content, which is subject to change.

PMI focus and technical details.

If you don’t take the patches, do you guys start doing the 2.7.6 series from Monday, August 15. In this time, we might have periodic maintenance, emergency work, fixed fixes, or minor patches.

  • Solo Self Found: This is a new single player style with the unique leaderboards for your character. Those whose character you created can play and play the latest seasonal content. A hardcore version of this mode is also available. We strongly recommend that players learn the PTR in this mode if they want something more challenging. Read more about a single-minded identity.
  • We’ll take feedback over the latest season’s theme.
  • Class Balance: To ensure that the most significant class changes get enough attention, you need to examine the balance change and to see the changes in the Crusader, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor classes.
  • PTR-unique buffs are active to help you on your journey: higher experience gain, and double Blood Shard drops. You can also buy new equipment for testing with the PTR vendor, Djank Mi’em, who will exchange Squads for class-specific bags full of Legendary items that we would like to test.

So as to review your posts efficiently, please give feedback in the feedback forum and post about your actions in the project.

From the top of the page, you can look at everything.

Check your PTR.

As for the current PTR, the time frame is so short that it is best to walk in the water. If you are a veteran of PTR or a newcomer, we thought we would pass some tips on what to do when you’re starting.

  • Because of the limited length of the PTR, we ask that participants select one portion of the update so they’d focus on testing.
  • For example, If you are primarily an Witch Doctor player, consider the impact of this technique as it does. What you like best, what you think may be too bad and what you’d like to see in the future (even if that does not overlap with this patch) are all good questions to ask yourself before submitting feedback.
  • Try to break things! Just tell us when you do, so we can make sure the patchs are running as smooth as possible.
  • When presenting feedback, focus less on a solution and more on your experience. How did the changes change your perception? Did something fail or fail? There are always welcome suggestions, but a thorough identification of the matters is key.

Return home.

A single person has gotten over the house of her soul.

Demons who want to achieve greater intensity in their journey through Sanctuary can try out the new solo self-evident mode. In this mode you have to be on your own to be able to survive the hordes of Hell. That is right, a single player experience. If you want to make the deal easier, there are a hardcore version of this mode available.

After years of players requesting an optional support, we decided to bring Solo Self Found to Diablo III. If you can’t stand the privilege of being in a Party or and other players to defend your back and build an aggressive mind, this is not enough for you. To celebrate the achievements of those brave enough to roll a character in this mode, we also created a leaderboard specifically for Solo Self Found. These Leaderboards work the same way as the Leaderboard for the other modes.

For character creation, you must choose the Solo Hero option under the Character Creator screen. You’ll be able to play the Campaign and Adventure mode as long as you would in other modes, but you only have the Private Game option. The Rift is arranged by a Party. Solo Self Found is an entirely new journey, but you can’t use the multiplayer side of Diablo III, such as trading, as you will in this mode. Solo self-evidents can get rebirthing.

The theme of Season 29 Visions of Enmity and the other components of Patch 2.7.6 were designed with the hope of single-handed discovery. We invite you to test it and let him feedback about your experience.

Her name comes back!

Season 29: The imaginings of the ludicrous.

The burning hells advanced every corner of Sanctuary enthralling the nefarious machinations, fighting for its reality. This disturbance displaced the Visions of Enmity, pocket dimensions which can be reached using the Diabolical Fissure.

Nephalem-Levels two or three have the chance of slaying demons in the open world. If your enemies spawn a Fissure, press on, and become a Vision of Chaos What horrors await in the other side are unknown, but these kinds of incidents are rich in rewards. The Visions are fairly unreliable and can give rise to additional Fissures after enemies are dispatched insidekeep your eyes eye on these opportunities to gain valuable gear.

New monsters, new Affixes and new ones.

Be careful about your health, Nephalem. New powers of the Burning Hells have been bestowed upon all enemies in the Vision, making them more lethal than ever. These affixes are available only in Visions of the Peace.

  • Enervating: Creates a field of effect around the monster that reduces movement speed by 65% and reduces rational cost by 50% if the player is in the vicinity of the monster.
  • The player’s healing was reduced by 65%. Monsters have an estimated 80% damage over time that puts up to 30 seconds of the player’s maximum health. This effect is removed if the player is healed higher than 95 percent.
  • Humanities: A player cannot leave any capital expenditure.

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Paragon Ceiling

We introduced new Paragon Points to work in tandem with Solo Self Found and the Season 29 theme. Only 800 Points are used for the character. He can assign 50 Paragon Points to each attribute within Core, Defense, Offense and Utility. So he can assign up to 200 in each attribute now. Only 200 points of Paragon are placed in each category.

This change only applies to Season 29.

Developer’s note: We understand that Paragon was the King of Characters. Since the change this season happened, we wanted to shift that power from “Main Stat” to “gaming knowledge” and gear hunting. We chose 800 as our first starting point and would appreciate your feedback on this cap. Paragon’s system needs some modifications.

  • We changed a maximum order of 1.125% per point because the old value would have provided players with 100% movement of a single order, which was too much. Players now have the option to give points into the stat, allowing them to get enough power to pay off the bonus by 25%.
  • Surface Damage: Area Damage should perform the same, if not even a little better and with significant improvement in performance.

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Changes made up of Community-Led Changes.

Each patch and season changed the way the community improved the quality of life they requested that Diablo III be added. We take the time to examine the feedback we receive and to evaluate it and implement changes that can accommodate our gameplay’s design principles. Here is an overview of the highly requested quality-of-life updates in the latest version of 2.7.6. Thank you for your continued feedback over the years!

Grandma torches!

  • Largest Monster Set 8: Removed Toxic Lurkers and added Vile Swarms.
  • Dark Berserkers were removed and the Savage Beasts were added.


  • It retracted the legendary legend flying dragon to a buff icon.
  • Should your mouse go under the character if the tarnished ballards exploded again?


  • Haunted Visions used to remove Skeletal Mages from the Simulacrum only if the player had Grim Scythe on their action bar, now it won’t remove Skeletal Mages regardless.
  • Using Requiem Cereplate, who didn’t calculate the proper amount of Essence, jumped into excess water and had to use excessively too much food per tick. It was fixed.


  • The mastermind was removed from the competition portion of the seasonal adventure. This means you aren’t allowed to master an Set Dungeon. It was replaced by Overcoming the Trials, which asks you to make an Echoing Nightmare.
  • Because of the distinctive effect of how Hamelin dies, there were many problems with the rewards of Hamelin. Hamelin rewards kill credit now to the closest player after death.
  • Some of the corroded angels and all variations would harm a attack that doubles the damage without any indications that it was a unique move. This was changed to deal the same damage as the normal attacks.
  • Added the Battlefield and Boneyard maps to Greater Rift.
  • Corvus, Ice Caves and Spider Caves maps don’t spawn in Great Rifts anymore.
  • Orek’s Dream versions of Desolate Sands and Shrouded Moors have increased their monster densities.

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Class price changes.

The APK 2.7.6 introduces a number of balance changes to the Crusader, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor classes. We can’t wait to see how certain changes in all grades are caused by these changes. For reference, the text red is red with the effect description, while the green in the green with the new effect description.


  • He makes light for Akkhan.
    • Whenever a person has a chance to win, your Blessed Shield will knock down the damage of this Blessed Shield by 35-40%.
    • Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 35-40% for six seconds. Stacks up to 100 times.
  • Vampire:
    • No bonus.
    • The Fist of the Heavens, while riding your war horse, carries a much higher level of damage than your movement speed, and is constantly called down at a random nearby enemy with a long length of time based on your attack speed if it’s on your action bar.

Demon Hunter

  • The direction of a post-trailer:
    • Gain 4 second duration when attacking with a basic skill, at maximum 20 seconds. Your basic skills cause 10% more damage per second of An instant.
    • Use Strength as an attack with a Primal skill to gain 4 seconds of momentum. The duration of this contract begins counting down on 5 seconds after each application. Your first skills deal 10 percent more damage per second of Momentum.

Developer Note: We wanted that Gears of Dreadlands play very quickly. On the other hand, we had to forgo the visual indicator that showed stacks.

Witch Doctor

  • Cluckeye:
    • 25-50% chance to cluck when attacking.
    • Casting Hitty – The Anthry Chicken turns all of your pets into obnoxious chickens. Chickens offer 150–200% higher damage, and Angry Chicken will do 50 percent more damage per exploded chicken.
  • Manajuma’s Way:
    • Your Hex – Angry Chicken lasts 15 seconds, and the movement speed increases as the chicken goes further.
    • While you are angry, you spawn a chicken every second that seeks enemies and deals 25% of your Angry Chicken explosion damage.
    • You’re Angry Chicken for 15 seconds, and the movement speed decreases as a chicken grows further, while gaining 75% damage reduction and five seconds after the incident.
    • You’re a crazy chicken. You spawn a chicken every flange that seeks enemies and deals 100% of your Angry Chicken explosion damage.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where interacting with Mail before ending up a season had the potential to cause a crash.
  • The crash was a game where the Demon Hunters used specific Item and Skill combinations to fix this problem.
  • A problem that occurs where the witch doctors’ Angry Chicken skill didn’t do the same amount of damage as the description says.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Wizards Mirrors almost instantly caught on the game’s icon.
  • Fixed the issue of hard edges in the Altar of Rites.

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How to participate in the RT?

To participate in a public test, you must have a Diablo III game license attached to a Battle.net account, right after the suspension or ban. To add, you will also need to download and install the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app if you haven’t done it already.

Step 1: Open the Battle.net app.

Step 2: Go to the tab Diablo III in the left.

Step 3: On the screen of Diablo III, there is a drop-down menu right above the “Play” button (note that this could say “Install” if you don’t have Diablo III currently installed). Select “R” Diablo III from the drop-down menu, before proceeding.

Step 4: Click on Install to start the installation process.

Your PTR account will automatically be created if you don’t have one already. The PTR is available in all supported languages, and all regions of the UK may participate in this sport. To add additional support for the installation and launching of the PTR, you should click here.

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PTR character copying a title.

The option to copy your existing Diablo III characters into your Live-Cover will be available. They are available for immediate use via the PTR. Of course one region can be copied multiple times. If you decide to copy your account in a different region, any previously copied PTR characters will be lost.

Step 1: Step one: Step 2: Pass on the live games and then leave.

Step 2: Log in to PTR with a character level 1. After you get in front of the screen, return to the main character.

Step 3: Click on the “Personal Copy” button located in the upper right corner. (PTR Copy has never appeared in the game until you created a new level 1-character)

Step 4: Select your region.

Step 5: To turn green. It will copy the character which are taken to your account from the selected region.

Step 7: You’ll be disconnected from the PTR client.

Step 7: You will have to have a copy of this post. Your copied characters will be available for play.

Please note that you can only copy characters from one game at once. If you choose to copy from other regions, all of the previously copied PTR characters will be lost. In addition, you can just get a copy of the characters into your PTR account once every 24 hours. If you try to copy characters before the cooldown is done, that will cause an error.

Since it is the test server, please avoid the failure of the games and note that restarts and downtime can occur without warning. Thank you, and we want your feedback.

We hope you enjoy the PTR.
-The Diablo III Development Team.

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Sources: Blizzard.

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