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Different energy: XQc explains why he isn’t calling for the ban of Kai Cenat like Mizkif

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xQc was today offering a voice to the mainstream’s people on changing allegations by a friend of his own, Jovi, who claims she was sexually assaulted by an unnamed friend of Kai Cenats. Moreover, xQc stated that he’s not calling for the ban of Cenat unlike Mizkif a few months ago, due to the divergence in the alleged victims’ response.

The Twitch streamer on Sept. 19 spoke over his alleged sexual assault that his fellow dancer CrazySlick was threatening. The streamer continued to tell me her initial follow-up statement was coerced by popular streamers Mizkif and Maya Higa. Among many viewers and fellow streamers, xQc notably called for Mizkif to be banned from Twitch due to his involvement in a cover-up.

I was invited to the party by someone I thought would be a friend of mine. I asked for help and it’s not going to be. So I decided to take it to social media. Their names are Djigui Sack. pic.twitter.com/KuEblyaPLq.

Jovilicious (@thejovipena) January 6, 2023

On Jan. 5, 2023, Instagram influencer Jovi said she was sexually assaulted by a stranger at a rising Twitch streamer Kai Cenats New Years Eve party. She said that she was frustrated that Cenat seemed uncooperative in identifying her assailant and alleged that Cenat could have even known for the sexual assault. Since then, Jovi recommitted to her statements and apologized to Cenat for implying that he may have been involved in the cover-up of her alleged assault.


Since the start of the alleged claims, xQc told us why he hasn’t called for Cenat to be banned off the platform, unlike Mizkif. Having been criticised for having drawn a different conclusion, xQc admitted he didn’t have the same energy as his wife of the mizkif, although xQc continued to explain why.

Seeing that Jovis talked about his involvement with Twitch streamer heylilboom, xQc said that Jovi questioned her accusations against Cenat over her claims. Even [Jovi] admitted that what she accused him of initially seemed to be that at the time and still could be true.

Since making his statement, Cenat has responded to the situation with a letter saying he’s contacted the police over the accused assault.

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