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Disney+ launches its back-to-school offer at 6.99/month, but under certain conditions it doesn’t suit

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After the financial crash and a repeat of the prohibition on account sharing, Disney+ isn’t able to stand up if it fails to get paid to your subscribers. Since recently, several SVOD platforms are looking for more profitable maneuvers with the risk of unsubscriptions, Disney+ understood this and seemed to want to bring back their old subscribers with this back-to-school offer.

The Disney+ back school offer // Source: Disney+.

Disney+ only offered one subscription at 8.99/month, which allowed 4K UHD display on up to four screens simultaneously. From November 1, this formula will be called Prime, costing 11.99 per month, and will come with a standard without advertising formula at 8.99 per month (and with advertising at 5.99 per month), which will offer a degraded resolution and fewer screens simultaneously. Disney+ is offering a back-to-school offer at 6.99 per month to attract new customers and bring back old ones.

Why are you making Disney+ available?

For now, the best video quality is the free option, unlike the Star Wars franchise.

From today until September 20, Disney+ is available on sale at 99 euros per month for 3 months. If the subscription is not cancelled, it will automatically switch to the Premium plan, at 11.99 euros per month.

How to take advantage of Disney+ back-to-school offers?

This school gift is made for new subscribers and returning subscribers who want to resubscribe, although it is not stated how long an account must be inactive for being considered old. The offer is on sale until September 20 and is active for three months. After three months and but not canceled, the subscription will automatically switch to the premium plan at $1.99 per month.

The back-to-school offer gives access to the same advantages as the 8.99/month plan (the one which will increase to 11.99 on November 1, tampamping 4k vs dlakas. The platform also brings a pixel edifice to its XP series. Videowatching on different screens is possible, but it can help a lot of families.

From the great classics to US blockbusters, they’re the only one who knows how to tell them what is happening.

What differentiates Disney+ from other SVOD platforms in terms of content? With the many studios and licenses acquired by Disney, such as Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, etc., a complete catalog will come complete. In addition to Disney+, a number of original series, which are drawn from these licenses, have been obtained, such as the Ahsoka, the very latest Star Wars series or My Name is Groot, which is going to be released this September 6th.

These catalogs also feature American television shows such as The Simpsons, reality shows, documentary movies, and even shows. This means that all of us can have something. Of course, there are several French paintings, the next generation being Antigang.

To compare Disney+ to other services under the same category, we invite you to discuss the best of the moment of our SVOD offering.

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