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Disney’s Alien movie is scheduled to begin filming in 2023

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After the announcement that Disney was working on a reboot of Alien for Fede Alvarez, new reports now emerged that production will begin early in 2023 and that a working title has been created for the project.

According to production tracking service ProductionList.com, Alien will begin filming on February 6, 2023, and its scheduled start is Budapest. The film’s working title is Alien, Romulus, which sounds like a Star Trek film. The film, which reportedly belonged to the previous films in the movie, was declared “unconnected” in March 2022. Fede Alvarez said that his own story would be able to show it in the first place. The Uruguayan filmmaker, who was better known for acting in the supernatural movies of 2013 and 2016 on the movie “Severe Dead”, has big shoes in his pockets. The Alien franchise, which was started in 1979, was first directed by Ridley Scott, then followed up by James Cameron in Alien 2 and David Fincher in Alien 3. Following Jeunet’s Alien Resurrection in 1997, Ridley Scott returns to the franchise with the prequel series Prometheus and Alien Covenant, and the third film that was released on a full-length basis. However Alvarez will be lucky to have Ridley Scott attached to his film because he will serve as the producer.

Sigourney Weaver appeared in the first four films of the storyline.

Although the movie was kept under wrap, the latest casting news is that Cailee Spaeny will appear in the reboot. The Pacific Rim star is set to play the lead role of the movie, following in the footsteps of other female leads in the franchise such as Sigourney Weaver, Noomi Rapace and Katherine Waterston.

This film is being developed for Hulu and will hope to emulate the success of the 2022 Hulu original film, Prey. The movie was the fifth installment of the franchise, which was helmed by Dan Trachtenberg. It was the first of four different films. The reviewer had positive reactions, and many considered it the best film, the Predator. There’s also a hint that Prey made a daring switch in casting. As far as the lead role became more feminine, the lot of fans don’t like it.

Prey is the first film in which he had a full language dub.

While the Alien franchise does appear to have some serious concerns over that reboot, fans can hope it gets attention with the reboot, as it seems as if Disney was going on with the popular franchise. In December 2018, Disney announced that Alien television series was preparing for FX on Hulu, where the Fargo’s Noah Hawley became involved in that project. The series will be going to go on Earth in the near future. It’ll start filming in 2023.


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