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DNF Duel Rosters Up with Brawler DLC Get Ready to Rumble!

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He gets up, a fighter. DNF Duel just rolled out a new contender. This is the first DLC character to join the current Season Pass roster. When you want a Pass for the season, it’s your destiny.

DNF Duel DNA has been infused with Dungeon Fighter Online.

This is not your typical punch-fest; DNF Duel is the 2.5D love child of the legendary RPG Dungeon Fighter Online. We talk of gaming that screams fluidity and combos, allowing players to leave full alpha, mastering the ultimate owl by outplaying opponents with clever strategies and relentless assaults.

Brawler: Our Anti-Knews We Needed Never.

Brawlers reputation is the same gnarly material that he is proud of. I’m not a master of weapons and long-reaching chain attacks. From poison-laced mines to needles and explosives that doesn’t mess around. Having a persona that doesn’t mean that charisma and menace are equal, Brawler adds a flavor of wild unpredictability that didn’t belong to the lineup.

Unlock the Awakening: Unleash the Mayhem.

Here are the deets: unlock the Brawlers Awakening skill when the HP drops to 30 or less with the Gold Cube. If you’re hovering around fifty percent HP, then the problem is. Choose a clear Cube. Brewers turns into explosive wrecking ball, delivering a brutal beatdown that will leave the battlefield reeling and your opponents questioning their life choices.

Route for Season Pass & Price.

Brawler is part of a new Season Pass package which is priced at a cool $19.99. This pass includes not only Brawler, but Spectre and three more characters set to drop in the coming months. DLC fighters are priced at just $6.99. Everything about the maps is available on the DNF Duels official YouTube channel.

Get the discount off during limited time!

There’s now time to dive in for those worried about joining the fight. DNF Duel is offering 60 cent discount on a console and PC (Station 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch) player, but just until Wednesday, September 27.

For more information, take a look at the trail.

Can you keep the latest updates on DNF Duel? Check your official website, YouTube and Twitter channels for more information. Keep in mind that you’ll need to grab the latest game version and pick the base game to use the Season Pass and DLC characters.

This latest DLC will give you a new dimension to your DNF Duel experience. Keep your controllers charged, gamers!

DNF Duel introduces Spectre: Newest DLC Character in Season Pass-Little Launch.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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