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Do Companions need Ammo in Starfield?

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If you’re fighting alongside your partner in Starfield, and see them using their fists instead of their guns, you may wonder whether they need ammo.

To reshape for you in Starfield, try to find the best of your equipment and guns.

If you have trouble, then the answer is fairly straightforward. Fortunately, the cost is very efficient, too.

Do Companions want to make Ammo in Starfield?

Yes, companions need ammo in their inventory to shoot guns. You’ll need to put in your inventory the correct ammunition for the gun they have used.

To be clear, you only need to give one round of ammunition to them. They will use it indefinitely and won’t need to be resupplied.

This applies to all kinds of ammunition, while companions have some habit of taking the ammo. They need at least one round of ammunition to use.

If you give the gun to your companion and don’t use it, they won’t use it. Instead of using their fists they will punch enemies you encounter.

Be careful about what kind of ammo you use for your companions.

To do this, go into their inventory and trade with them and look up the Ammo section to the right when you pick the gun.

After checking this, you must only give one a round of ammo to your companion. To do that follow these instructions.

  • Talk to your wife, please.
  • Get a trade gear for the Lets.
  • Open your inventory now.
    • Press LB on the Xbox and Q on the PC.
  • Select Ammo
  • Choose the business’s ammo you want to trade.
  • Move the slider until the top is called 1 to 5.
  • Confirm

It’s a very affordable way to get your companion to fight their way out. Just make sure you don’t give them the correct ammo if you are ever out of their arsenal.

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