Do this to better use Gmail on your computer


All of us depend on mobile phones. Some people continue using Gmail either for work or for the purpose of their work. However, those who do it usually have to deal with it many times. The messages never cease coming. Now for those who use the Google client on the computer, keyboard shortcuts are essential! Let’s explain in detail how to change Gmail keys with your computer.

Do this to use Gmail better on your computer!

We should be able to activate the keyboard shortcuts and get them in Gmail’s settings. That said, we must go to the wheel and go and choose the best setting.

Next we must activate the keyboard shortcuts that normally are switched off. To do that, just click the space before the option is shown in the gallery below.

First, to get this change into effect, we should take the first step in clicking on Save Changes.

We need to activate the second option, which allows us to make an app. Once again we need to do the right thing. Click on the gear wheel and then click on the new gear wheel and then go and see all the settings. Click OK. There we’ve got the option to enable Custom Keyboard Shortcuts.

Once again, we need to turn on save changes when we have finished that process.

Now and when we return to the settings, you will find a new tab that’s “a keyboard shortcut”. When we click it, you will easily define the key that will help us get more easily access to tasks.

It is true that there are many shortcuts in Gmail that have already been predefined and are very useful for the most repetitive tasks. Yet we don’t know most of them. If we can define all that in our own way it’s much simpler and we’ll not forget it.

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