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Do you like taking photos with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone? There’s a good news!

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The attractive application Camera Assistant will soon be available for a number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and can help you with your camera.

The powerful assistant was limited to high-end models like the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The app was launched to help Samsung’s flagships take better pictures. It arrived with the Galaxy S22 range and demanded advanced features from the phone, one of the reasons why it has remained an exclusive of the most expensive and powerful phones that was produced by the leading company.

Powerful help for anyone who likes to take pictures with their smartphone.

Shortly after the initial release of the brand, users of more accessible devices began asking for the use of this powerful assistant to take good pictures. This property is the most expensive, but a smaller number of people owns the latter.

The manufacturer will expand this support to any country in the world, so as to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones who really want to test this advanced photography application. It is a more suitable resource for fans.

The news was developed by colleagues from SamMobile, a company that accompanies Samsung’s designs. We also know that the most expensive Samsung phones will have access to this asset.

Samsung has confirmed that the Camera Assistant app has already been available for extended use.

According to colleagues, the Korean manufacturer is working to make the app compatible with all the latest smartphones from the US. This means that its users can take better pictures with their mobile phones in all manners.

Now that the brand is happy with its extended availability, it is worth a little longer to wait.

First, this auxiliary app will likely be available in Korea’s home market, but it doesn’t go far enough to reach the all parts of the world.

The Camera Assistant app allows us to use HDR mode with new zoom function. It can be achieved through a zooming feature, as well as using the other image processing and editing options.

There are also features that will be available only with Google’s One UI 5 update with Android 13 – it is happily present in almost every single of its recent smartphones.

Although the new versions of One UI simplified the camera application, there’ll be additional features in Camera Assistant.

Don’t you really like to take photographs and videos on your Samsung smartphone?

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