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Do you want Valve to run International CS:GO Competitions?

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The official Twitter handle jokingly tweeted about a hypothetical overtime scenario in a CS:GO World Cup following the dramatic penalty shootout in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final that saw Argentina defeat France.

He praised the tweet which received more than twenty-five likes, with the top of his response advocating for the CS:GO World Cup – organised by Valve. The humorous nature of tweets illuminated the status of national events in the CS:GO esports ecosystem. They exist, but they aren’t taken seriously.

The International Society for CS:GO.

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is the closest analogue to esports world cup. The Esports Olympics also belonged to the teams who received gold, silver and bronze medals for their performances. The competition was yearly event taking place worldwide but was shut down in 2015 before coming back in 2019.

The last WCG event, in 2020, included Crossfire, Warcraft III: Reforged, Honors of the Kings and the FIFA games, but none of the other major esports titles. In 2022-23, the WCG was branded as a new global tournament and perhaps one of the green flags in terms of drawing bigger audiences is the fact that Valorant esports is now a large-scale company and would be a bit more willing to find people in the larger global audience who should really recognize this rebranded version of the tournament.

The Electronic Sports World Convention (ESWC) was another international championship with national qualifiers, which was earlier part of the CS:GO Majors circuit, and had a narrow fall in 2019.

@ CS:GO DreamHack:

The main organisation that hosts international esports events, which is called the International Esports Federation (IESF). They’re a federation advocating for esports to become recognised as a legitimate sport. They hosted 14 World Esports Championships and the only one with the alias of the three mentioned here that have a great presence. The last of the events was called CS:GO, but they’re just not doing by.

This is not an excellent look for national esports events. That is a big issue in this case: they are lower tiers of the teams that enter these competitions. Without the best partners, it’s not easy to attract people and to sell these events.

Of course, it wasn’t always that kind of thing. There was a lot of interest in esports before 2010, but the Riot Games arrival brought a great deal of interest to the entire esports industry. You left the path to the development of esports without federation intervention. That has led to esports becoming the most popular industrial in the world.

National events create an atmosphere unique.

Nevertheless, the lack of a well-known global event isn’t a bad thing the football world cup exists only for a few months every year it’s held, while club and franchisees continue to support the sport otherwise. Most major sports events cannot inspire the pursuits of four-years-old talent in the FIFA World Cup. Most sports journalists and fans accept that the FIFA World Cup has taken over the Olympics and is the most watched sporting event in the world.

Other major sports such as basketball have struggled to emulate something similar. There are very few sport types that are truly global, for a variety of reasons. An image of that lens shows that the esports industry has a distinctive advantage, as games take place worldwide. However, there is no reason to think they won’t become more widespread in the next decade or so, which raises the potential for a model like the World Cup.

Like the CS:GO tweet and the replies were, there is no doubt that there is a desire to make a kind of startling change in the esports world than a FIFA World Cup.But who, even in the esports world, can do a significant re-election?


Is Valve and other developers The Answer?

Because of the quality of attendance, the main issue that makes the international event, like mentioned earlier, easier to create and maintain the promotion of these events. It is not without a big player base. Competence in the pursuit of top talent to generate financing such a scenario requires a level of control which federations will never realistically achieve without having the distinction between an ecosystem in itself and a very lucrative one at that time.

Second, the issue is fragmentation, which means that if football as an industry were split into more than 10 different formats, each with their own laws, formats, fans and superstars, then FIFA would have all the difficulties that esports federations are themselves facing.

Consequently, it becomes clear that the only movers in this space can be developers themselves. If we were to imagine the beginning of the CS:GO World Cup, there was just no one in the world who could organize a great event.

As much as any other major developer would, Valve knows the ins and outs of the CS:GO ecosystem and is better equipped on all fronts, and finances, talent pool, audience network more than many inactive esport federations mentioned earlier.

With the first world event of the CS:GO event taking place in the United States this year, the fans and the organizers have a taste of what taking events outside Europe and North America looked like. But the reception was never unlike any of what the CS:GO world cup was like in the beginning. A CS:GO World Cup could have a bigger impact and fans like to be intrigued by what they did in their tweets.

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