Dominion reopens the new pillexpansion


Temple Gates Games released a new update to dominion as the game was already redeveloped. As a digital end to the tabletop title, the team adds an expansion to those individuals who can buy by real life, together with new technology, giving them more options in the base game to play as they wish. This latest addition to the game has become a plus for the thieving aspect of the series, as you’ve got new Loot, new Traits and many other surprises that may change the game’s aspect of a dime. You can read more below, which is currently live.

Credit: Temple Gates Games.

The card pile is 40. There are still Loot, a new Art of Treasure that transforms piles and durable Durations that remain in play for extended periods of time. Plunder is the fifteenth expansion to Dominion. The ship has 500 cards, with 40 new Kingdom cards. There are Traits which will transform piles, Loot which is a new Art of treasure and enduring Durations.”

“Across the sea, there’s so much stuff. And it is much better than your stuff. You’re in the finer way. It’s better than what a quality item is. Shinier. They have tiaras, diadems and crowns, and that’s just the hats. It’s time to buy some of those things. You want a simple life, and you’re prepared to work hard for it. There were also some old salty dogs with a sourpuss and a bitter goldfish. And laid sail. The sea is an intense mistress, but a good cook, at least if you want everything really salty. Those blue skies tonight will make a batch of Silor’s Delight which you can think of as fish as it is the one in which a lot of people are threw in. The merchant ship will steal everything from you. But that true treasure is the happy memories you’ll make, says Donald X. Vaccarino.


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