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Don’t be ashamed, we sell all our Christmas gifts, proof

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Please don’t be embarrassed, we put our Christmas presents back in order.

Published on 27/12/2022 at 15:50.

There’s no shame buying fresh goods. As far as the French are concerned, money is very good. The number of stores that are currently increasing on all online retailers.

Resell a gift to counter the inflation.

Don’t be afraid of giving gifts on leboncoin or Rakuten, even if it sounds trivial. But the French are doing it all the time and won’t hesitate to earn a few euros in the year 2023, a foot from right now. The gifts came from November 25, 2017. According to Rakuten a lot over 650 new ads are in stores at 3 p.m. That’s about 8% greater than last year.

It relates to a lot of factors. First, people are less ashamed of reselling gifts. This gets used quickly and gets noticed. Second is certainly the economic context of the moment. Money is more valuable today than it is a gift to a person. That comes to the point where the time was earlier, it’s acceptable.

16% of the respondents resell their Christmas presents out of budgetary necessity.

The pre-Christmas poll confirms the 8% increase. A third of the French who planned to sell their gifts were based in a partnership between Rakuten and the company IPSOS. If it were for holidays last year, this is a increase of 8%.

It’s time for bargains!

Sure, it’s the occasion to buy gifts if it’s a question of reselling the things that matter to me. These are mainly objects that aren’t used and therefore still new. For 9% of French people, it is not a necessity to try to sell more than just this, because they’ll not use it. Instead of let them gather dust in a closet, you may give them to someone who needs them. It has been a problem for 20 percent of respondents because they participate in the circular economy and then give their present a second life.

By the end, it’s a godsend for bargain hunters. It is an opportunity to buy new products at reasonable prices. Please make sure that the product is if you wish to print the invoice. This will cover the warranty, so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises in the next two years.

Even if it turns out to be commonplace, 60% of people would resent their gift resold by their loved ones. Over a third of people are fully understanding that still persists. This number is continuing to rise. Inflation plays also a very important role in boosting these numbers.

What’s more important of avoiding sellers: don’t be ashamed of selling their gifts for you, whether out of necessity or so they cannot collect dust. With respect to the buyer, it’s time to sell good, so go for the merchant sites of classified ads.

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