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Don’t miss the great ending of year sale Humble Bundles

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Hot prices in the most cold til we get here.

Seeing as the holidays are coming soon, you may look for new games to watch while you have time to relax. If that sounds like you, then make sure you check out the insane end of year sale at Humble Bundles, because they have some really cool stuff in there. They have hundreds of games and CDs, and fan favorites like God of War,Hollow Knight, Uncharted, Legacy of Thieves Collection,Dying Light, Signalis, Deathloop, and Psychonauts 2, just to name a few.

The discounts range from 10% to 75% off. However, I can say that as a fan, I was very surprised to see some of these games at a price so low. For example, they have Slime Rancher for $5 now. One of my favorite and most played games, Slay the Spire, is under $10. If you ask me for the same chance as four games.

Since Honestly Humble Bundle has become one of my favorite ways to buy new titles for a baby gamer, I don’t usually need to play the newest books as they drop, and it is still difficult to keep up with my best favorite games from four or five years ago, I find that they always have a great deal in my backlog.

Not only does their sales have cool and pre-packaged games you can get, but Humble Bundle is also known for helping charities like Charity: Water, Girls Who Code, and One Tree Planted, among other things. Since the sites built in 2010, they raised over 200,000,000 dollars for charity in terms of sales and monthly subscriptions. And they spread the love and expanded by taking a different charity to their site each month.


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