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Doping by the Alchemist — The PS3 and Switch will release

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Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator was released this month on PC and Xbox.

The Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is a game that combines niceplay with Pentiment. You prefer brewing potions to help the local population, but rather solving crimes. That eventually helps your business to grow as well.

What is more surprising is that your customers bring to you a potion. It is not all wall-to-wall adventurers who are looking for a Potion of +5 Speed. They are also over the top of the mill people who want anything from mundane to bizarre. You could do it with a potion to dry out firewood or one that will put people on fire.

And now, after hitting PC and Xbox, Game Pass included, its coming to PlayStation and Switch. We’re hoping that, because the game is interacting with alchemical equipment, the Nintendo Switch version uses motion control to perform the tasks. The addition of the note of immersion in having to shake a JoyCon and shake a potion, is a good idea.

However, the niceplay and the publisher TinyBuild aren’t yet able to confirm any Switch-exclusive features. Let’s know that the first step is getting closer to PlayStation 4. Now if you can’t wait you can enjoy the game on Xbox or PC, priced at 16.74 and 11.39 respectively.

niceplay have, along with new customers, additional content planned for all platforms, allowing it to be updated. No matter how many platforms you play, you have to return. I was dying to see if that woman could watch the world burn.

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