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Dota 2 community calls out cheats for destroying the game

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Dota 2 is a game of knowledge and information. Players often need to strategize around their data, and an Overwolf extension has helpedDotaplayers become their third eye.

Users of the extension can see their enemies’ most-played heroes if they play their opponents during a match – so they can ban their opponents’ best-performing picks. While this may sound like a good scenario, the short end of the stick doesn’t mean that some players rarely play their favorite heroes.

The extension has been a big issue in the community. There are some players thinking that it’s cheating, while others disagree.

Some users believe that the program is just because it uses publicly available data. If a player shares his statistics with another player, the extension has access to that. Players can do the same tasks as the extension, but it takes them ten minutes to do that while the program is working on all of that information in minutes.

Players who want to keep their data away from such tools often advise on changing their privacy settings, but someday they may not even be able to perform the same properly following the latest trend. For example, some tracking tools were discovered to ignoreDota 2’s privacy settings and extensions may still work if a player switches off public match data sharing.

From publicly available data a word will be derived from the extension. More than the data itself, the availability of the extension that makes it look like a cheating situation. Every game is banned with any extension for everyone who uses it. Players have to wonder why their favorite niche heroes are getting banned from their favorite games. The program itself is free and accessible to everybody, but not all dota 2players keep up with the trends and community.

Such cases can cause an upset and compromise the overall game quality for some players who don’t use this extension or know about it.

The developers ran the same path with OOP.GGand and other sites.League players were able to map the names of their opponents. They used to be able to replicate the names in their lobbies to find out the most played heroes of their opponents. Riot Games solved the problem by a tweak to its API that prevented these services from accessing pre-game data.

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