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Dragon Ball Super Previews Fighter Ambition Promos: Cooler & Beerus

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Bandai’s has released the new Dragon Ball Supercard Game set. This set comes a few months after the first set of the new and current series block,Zenkai, which saw the introduction of Z-Cards and a change in the holo pattern used for Special Rares and Secret Rares. The set, called Fighter’s Ambition, was written in Zenkai series, the king of the emperor. It hit shelves on November 18th, 2022 in booster, booster, and premium. It will appear in the Gift Collection 2022 later, too. Fighter’s Ambition is the new canonical film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the direct first filmBroly, and even the wildly popular Super Android 13! movie. In honor of this new Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion, Bleeding Cool will provide the latest look, from a collector’s perspective, into some of the most intriguing new cards. Today we’ll be looking at the final version of Fighter’s Ambition.

Fighter’s Ambition Card. The Dragonball Super Card Game is very well organized.

These winners are not awarded prizes that are given to a well-known winner of competitive games. The Meta-Cooler, Infinite Terror (Metho-Cooler), is a 3-dimensional example of one of the Meta-Cooler Cores from theZ-era film Return of Cooler. The movie was sequel to the novel “Rooler’s Revenge” and focused on Frieza’s non-canonical brother and was formed to create a large army of unstoppable robots. Beerus’s Advent presents the God of destruction that debuted in the first movie “Fadden of the Super era” with the fact that he became the king of the Z-Warriors by the very end of the entire period.

Stay tuned for more information, as well as any other news and revelations from the upcoming DBSCG products.


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