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Dragon Ball Super Reveals Critical Blow: Saiyan Brothers SPR

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Bandai announced the name of the next Dragon Ball Supercard Games expansion. This set is a Critical Blow of Zenkai Series. The Zenkai series is the fifth expansion and is the second largest of the world’s largest arcade arcades. A God Rare, which is an as-of-you-veeled card, fourth of the lutie to go the gypta from the realm of the gods, Bardock from Rise of the L’eners, and Goku from Wild Resurgence. With a single alumnus, we can confirm that this expansion includes multiple focuses, including the Z-era Broly films (including Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly Second Coming and BioBroly), and DBS: Super Hero.

Critical Blow-based cards are given. Credit: The Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

This card shows another angle of the joined Kamehameha produced in Broly Second Coming. This card is packed with textured gold foil that it looks like it could be a Secret Rare. In fact, we will publish the Secret Rares fromCritical Blow soon. This includes artwork and photographs as seen above, and in both cases will be shown. The other sariyans are a pair: one, the famous fusion, and the other, a new character introduced in the Xenoverse-focused promotional manga and anime. The latter is Super Saiyan Gogeta, and the second is Super Saiyan Cumber, who is famous for his black-coloured game set this year.

Read all the latest Dragon Ball Supercard game pre-orders from the next installment of the Zenkai Series! Stay tuned to learn more about this collectible hobby, including card reveals and product drops.

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