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Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King in the classic test (PS2) (in order for a second), the classic test (FQ)

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In the eighth installment of the best successful role-playing game series of the Far East, Square-Enix and developer Level 5 (Dark Cloud), one that could be a little more fairytale-like and humorous. From a thorn-bound castle, to the causated princess and the treacherous court magician, to the indesperate entrant who set out to defeat evil, there are everything that made Grimm successful. And finally its an incomparable laugh by the geniuses of Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump) in the direction of a weird fantasy twist and makes the game the perfect choice for all. Are you definitely seeking an epic and above all an entertaining role-playing game?

Meanwhile, Square-Enix has its own Final Fantasy-Blockbusters on its website to have its new details and concepts tweaked completely. While this fantasy is just about the beginning, it is no wonder the story has moved in the world, as were the endless eight and 16-bit days: the designers still limit themselves to the indispensable elements of the genre, and allow you to explore a playful, colorful comic world without worrying about the technical rules. Explore the crumbling castles and the dark dungeons down to the next corner, and beat the experience points out of hundreds of monsters and simply indulge in the passion that a role-playing game is made of. A small set of character-specific skills, which you can allocate more or less points as you level up, are highly complex for gameplay. But be careful: the importance of combat modes for axes, bars, swords, boomerangs, daggers, whips, bows, magic wands and Far East martial arts should not be underestimated, as should special talents with which you can ensnare the clever and crazy array of creatures, summon help or turn your inconspicuous stick into a truly stunning weapon of mass destruction. Such miracles sometimes cost you billions of dollars, but the investment is worth it.

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