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Dragon-shooter Century Age of Ashes just added a PvE mode to his first season of the summer season

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Playwing figured out both of these issues with its update in December, that homes in new technology that will be the foundation of the first season of the games.

The main content, which will be presented as part of this free event, will be the Outbreak PvE, which forces players to stand with their bases against the vicious assault of terrible enemies born from their nightmares: the Dwellers. These foes are endless and will keep pushing their teams skills and team coordination, with every passing wave passing. With each battle they survive, Dragoneers will need to prepare thanks to a brand new upgrade system, where buffs and upgrades to their skills and the base they defend will be available. This new Mech has come into play, as it became a reimaginable mechanic for the first time in Century: Age of Ashes. The AI-controlled swarm of Dwellers will vary from strength, combat type, speed and more, so Dragoneers must keep a touch with each other if they want to survive this battle.

There’s also a time-limited event The Last Bastion running through January 18th, with new dragons, updates for ranked PvP queueing, a new UI, and quality-of-life perks.

Source: Press release, Steam.


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