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Dragons dogma 2 is a very interesting game, for Itsuno

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After months of speculation and speculation, Capcom finally confirmed over the summer that it is developing a sequel to Dragons Dogma, the peculiar open world action-pg that fans cant wait to see back on the scene.

As part of the project there is once again Hideaki Itsuno, known for work in the entire Dragons Dogma series, who has been working on several chapters of the Devil May Cry series and the Dragons Dogma itself. The game director recently returned and gave some little hints about that new project, suggesting that news about the Dragons Dogma 2 could soon arrive.

Itsuno has also published a greeting message on Twitter, with the grant of a microscopic update to the activity-RPG situation. Although we can’t consider this a particularly practical clue, author has stated that Dragons Dogma 2 is becoming an interesting game, and also confirmed that the development has progressed the best at Capcom studios.

Happy new year! Dragons Dogma 2 is on an exciting track. It’s becoming a fun game. Stay tuned for the next news, writes Itsuno on the Twitter we shared at the bottom.

This is a reason for the ongoing change of the project in order to see how it will grow. At the moment, the hatching window of Dragons Dogma 2 remains unknown, and therefore we expect a lot of news from Capcom.

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