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Draw n: 7/1 – Become the winner of Lotto | Discover the winning key in an award-winning case

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The totoloto key is already being revealed, found out the winning key.

A winning key, which generates the prize worth several million, is named after the numbers.

8 15 24 35 47 + 3

Read the button after reading the key.

The information contained in this article won’t allow you to consult the official results of the Santa Clause at Lisbon.


By marking each set of: (1) single-bets are placed.

5 numbers in the numbers;

One cross the lucky numbers grid.

You can play for a maximum of 10 sets for each ticket.

A single-sided betting system allows you to play:

There are up to 11 crosses in the number grid;

One is on the lucky number grid.

The number of votes is limited to the number one point — but only one box of the lottery passes is an average wager. You should consider a couple of different options in TOTOLOTO regulations. The number of crosses must be marked in the appropriate space and marked Multiple.

For both the Monday and Saturday tickets, you must choose one of the two tickets.

When you do your wagers, go to one of our employees, give their tickets and payment, the e-money is now just waiting for the draws to see where you are!

SUMMARY of the RGLEMENT — REGULATIONS——Regularity—Regularity—Regularity—Regularity—Regularity—Ragments—Regularities —Regulations—Railments—Regments-Regularities—The indigenities—Regularity—Raps and changes —Regularities—Creation–Rad, Inc.

These guidelines are based on the current regulatory standards applicable to TOTOLOTO. These rules can be changed. Participation in competitions requires the full knowledge, adherence and acceptance of the aforementioned regulations, published in the Diario da Republica. Participation in competitions is only valid if registered at the central system computer media.


No more simple numbers. We have five and one lucky number! In order to put simple wagers, you have to mark five crosses (X) on the number grid and one cross (X) on the Lucky Number grid. At least one set must be completed for tickets.

With multiple bets, you must put several in one place. To play a single wager, fill in only the first set, marking 5 times X on the number grid, and just one in the Lucky Number grid. On two occasions a multiple, one bet in four crosses is a combination of the marked numbers with the remaining numbers in the set once, corresponding to a total of 45. No number of crosses you marked must be marked in the MULTIPLE space below the sets.

First Guaranteed Minimum Prize in Euros.

TOTOLOTO draws are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The key is extracted by extracting 5 balls from a sphere with 49 numbers and 1 ball from a sphere with 13 numbers.

PRIZEs for this item. When no one gets the first prize in the competition, no wins only.

Correcting Lucky Number returns the count corresponding to registered wagers. This prize is unique per registration and is accumulated from the other categories.

One in seven probability of winning a prize is in seven.

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