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During the opening weekend, The Palace of the Arts is listed as the Most Used Class, 10 M Hours Played, and More Revealed

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The resounding success of Baldurs Gate 3 is only at the beginning of the day, but Larian Studios couldn’t be more pleased with its outcome. Averaging only 535,000 a day, according to the Belgian developer and literally crushing the usual #1 on Steam Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Authenticity, they certainly have a large smile on their faces. It’s so much that Larian is looking at the future, but on arrival soon, there’s a hotfix and work is already underway. Even after the game officially launched, this community update allowed us to learn about the whole generation, with a lot of players choices in the play, in addition to the statistics from Baldurs Gate 3 opening weekend with the live performance showing the favorite races and classes, among other interesting facts.

Baldurs Gate 3 Opening Weekend Stats:

The first statistics focus on the class and race selection. Half-Elves are right on top, followed closely by Humans and Elves, leaving the last place apparently for the Githyanki, this came as a surprise to developers. In terms of Classes, the community seems very fond of the Paladin, and doesn’t really care about the Cleric.

Players who began the original story decided to go for first place. Karlach and Astarion dominated the first place. It was revealed by Larian that that 10 % of characters which were created in Character Creation were in that for over an hour. Now you simply like to make it shine, and that is definitely something the community asked for, a mid-game appearance change option in Baldurs Gate 3.

The remaining statistics cover a wide range of subject matter and highlight some of the most important here. Most players seem to be more inclined towards diplomacy, and Scratch is definitely the best boy, as well as he is teeming over 750,000 times darker times these may be, but petting always must be done.

It could have been more than an eye-opening fact – 368 players managed to finish the game during the opening weekend. If it’s not commitment or devotion, I don’t know what that is.

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