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Dust & Neon announced for Nintendo Switch

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Rogue Games revealed today they will be releasing Dust & Neon for the Nintendo Switch on top of PC platforms. The team had already been teasing the game to be out sometime in 2023 for Steam and the Epic Games Store, but there really wasn’t much talk about when it came to consoles. Now we know that it will be released at least one of the major three of the series, and if that’s the case for the Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox will probably go over the radar. Go ahead and grab the latest trailer below.

Credit: Rogue Games

Dust andamp; Neon are an action-packed twin-stick roguelite shooter set in an post-apocalyptic wild West overrun by villainy. Play as the mystery explorer embarks on an epic quest with twitch-trigger precision, human arms and bizarre budges. If you do not succeed, try again with lots of unlockable abilities, thousand of unique weapons, and even more advanced performance enhancing abilities. All of which transform your hero into an unstoppable force. Get warned: Dust & Neon isn’t easy. If you were up for a robust challenge designed to test your skills, you were able to find your game.”

“A very robust and challenging twin-stick roguelite shooter has visionary reload mechanics in each ball during battle. The best-class automatic control allows for precision stroke and speed, and a powerful power-up boost will help you avoid mechanical threats by stopping action. Take the cover, and take the slide, to the next step. Select a wide range of 2,000 revolvers, shotguns and rifles, and select a pistol from another gun’s unlockable selection. 1,600 unique tonics allow you to temporarily change or re-energize the gunslinger abilities on the battlefield, feign the loot boxes filled with money, weapons and upgrades. Up your gunslinger with 24 unique skills that fundamentally alter the way the game is playing.


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