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Dying Light 2, a currency to buy on cosmetics, can be used without leaving the game

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Technologyland announced last month it would become the company’s latest subsidiary of Tencent. Now shortly after this acquisition, the company is adding DL Points to Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Regardless of the circumstances, Techland says that this is not a partnership with Tencent.

In a new blog post, Techland is discussing how this new currency will work and how it was introduced. In short, the techland wants to help people buy more skin and content than to leave them in the game itself. The studio states that DL Points can’t be used to purchase DLC, upgrades and expansions, and that all Dying Light 2 owners will receive free points when the game comes to light.

I don’t notice that DL Points are available only on the platform they purchased. For example, DL points purchased on PC won’t be transferred to PlayStation 5.

The first person had exactly the same type of glasses in the past through the store. The only change to be that now you can get them directly from the game with DL Points. The vast majority of our packs can be bought for less, with the exception of our older ones, which are priced at 2,99 dollars. Whether you choose to buy them from the store or use DL Points, this price will remain the same. However, there is a way to get things better. A dollar bonus is an extra bonus. This is only the first version. We plan on the DL Points model, re-imagining and tweaking this to provide the best user experience. Also, as with all other updates, please keep watch of any feedback from you.

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