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Dying Light 2s Review Score is growing even after recent update

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However, after the release in February 2022, the Dying Light 2 was criticized, so it was a worthy follow-up to its 2015 predecessor. Even though Techland recently updated the game, the horror sequel was faced with a wrath of review bombers.

If you look at the Steam page for Dying Light 2, you’ll find that the score says mixed, with the review chart showing the negative feedback that the games have recently received.

Pilgrims!Side of the year, we are gathering your feedback and hearing your concerns. As far as we understand, frustration mainly stems from the price of the bundles and the result of leftover DL Points.To figure out this issue, we have already started working on a couple of projects.

Changing Light (@DyingLightgame) September 8, 2023

Many people criticized the summer time patch, which added new weapon animations, bug fixes and more. Nevertheless, it introduced a mix of microtransactions, such as Dying Light Points. These are cheap with real money, and can be used to purchase additional equipment. The Steam review shows, but this doesn’t go well for fans.

Techland responds

Since these frustrations were normal, the studio issued a statement regarding them. Developer says that it listens to feedback and is presently working on a number of solutions that the community proposes.

One such example is a second look at the mechanics of adding an option to choose among the existing bundles. There remain no doubts about whether there will be some 180 on DL Points.

That’s why the messages from Techland remind people of the several bundles in the store that can be bought for less than 500 DL Points that you can grab now kind of implies that they are here to stay. Just update as this debacle unfolds.

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