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EA outlines in-game Pause rules and conditions as follows the criticism at ALGS Championship

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The aforementioned world series was in a variety of technical problems every year, the competition was almost done, as are the first of the first of the last few days of the group stage.

The failure in servers, the disconnection of the player and the restart of matches have led to headaches for Apexers alike, though the biggest problem came from a new game pause function.

The use of pauses in the ALGS Championship in Birmingham resulted in extreme negative reactions from the pros who saw some pauses as clearly offendful, largely invincible, contraventions of competitive integrity. In response, EA created an official blog that explained how the appeals are submitted and what the pauses and action are taken.

After reviewing some discussion, our team wanted to share this update at http://t.co/sXus4XltX6.

Shahin Kanafchian (@shahin) Sept. 7, 2023

The use of pauses in the game is entirely voluntary of ALGS personnel. This isn’t even possible with players or team staff. The referees decide if the possibility of playing is ever as simple as using the server information.

The server will submit a request where the game is at full stop after no player-on-player damage has happened for more than two seconds. It doesn’t count players knocked down.

Although the pause is active, players and coaches are not allowed to communicate with each other by any means until the technical issues are sorted out.

When problems have been fixed, on-site judges will notify each team a game is going to continue after a 45 second countdown.

Sadly, these issues were discovered on the first day of the Championship, where the servers had multiple problems in every game. There was a response, which helped him to see how the players separated from each other, and how a user of the server was allowed to reconnect.


However, others used this feature were widely criticized, such as game 4 of the group C vs. D game day. In this case, fazio player Joesph Frexs Sanchez engaged DarkZero Esports, after a pause interrupted the fight, and left Frexs completely exposed in the air without covering when the game resumed.

After the pause was solved, a lot of servers problems resulted in DarkZeros crashing. This created an entire adrift for the Dragon to kill, then it ruined the chance to end the fight and turn the counter on.

Team Singularity continued to capitalize upon this opportunity by eliminating DarkZero to claim first place in the matchall due to a controversial pause feature that the players had no way of knowing why it even happened.

The decision made by a community following the group stage has been widely positive. Many acknowledged that a feature and the positive impact in-game pauses have already had on the problem of player connections and server problems, with the poor day one implementation at the largest tournament of the year.

a very nice feature, but you needed some tuning when and when to be used. inevitably, it took a bit of an experiment and I was glad it’s a thing.

Teq (@TeqAPEX) September 8, 2023

Samy Duc, Technical Director of Respawn, noted that the feature is available to all Apex players through the live api, thus offering the free in-game preparation for custom matches, which can help protect competitive integrity in any community run tournaments.

All people are able to get it via live api.

Samy Duc (@ricklesauceur) August 8, 2023

The ALGS Championship will resume with the Bracket Stage on Thursday, Sept. 8 at 10am ET, where 10 of the top 20 teams from the Groups Stage will be able to avoid the tournament. Despite the technical difficulties caused by a major disruption to both FaZe and DarkZero, both teams will return to the stage on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 6:00.

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