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EA Sports FC 24: new features on Pro Clubs mode and reputation already exist, and the news has become stronger. The game will replace FIFA 23

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The latest news on the FIFA 23 game remains the news. The new features for Pro Clubs mode and a high reputation are already here.

Published on the 18/18/2023 at 12:40.

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Come on, wait for the new FIFA 23 successor. For Electronic Arts, the kickoff of the changes has already sounded and it isn’t just a way of changing its name. As we discover today with the information on the Clubs mode, the EA Sports FC 24 intends to separate the FIFA 23 from all FIFA 23’s world by changing all sorts of changes, and some of them are amazing!

After the Ultimate Team, it was time to discover the redesign of FIFA 23 Pro Clubs mode.

The football world is waiting on her: FIFA 23, EA Sports FC 24 – the successor of the FIFA 23. The Bundesliga, Germany’s game resumes today, and the new football game, called Electronic Arts (the developers of the old FIFAs, the name is disappearing), has gone toward the re-election of the round ball leagues to provide us new details. In the past few weeks, it has been news : on August 10 we shared with you unpublished information from the American publisher on one of the most popular games of the license: Ultimate Team.

However, since the writing of notre preview and I’ve gained first impressions of EA Sports FC 24, some still have to be patient. The software will arrive only in a little over a month, to improve the title and adjust the latest settings in the transfer window of players on the transfer market. Since we have only been waiting for September 29, Electronic Arts has several cartridges in reserve so that we can have the first few hours of the earliest test at the beta, as well as us regularly remind us that they are ready to dominate the game of football by the name or the name of FIFA.

Since Electronic Arts has decided to concentrate on the new features introduced in the Pro Clubs mode, which had already been found in FIFA 23. The game is changing its name here: now it will be Clubs. It’s not only the only surprise, it’s also the game mode. Already the most important feature of this EA Sports FC 24 is to introduce PlayStyles which will be influential in the Club. Total Football Venue, EA Sports FC 24 dribbled forward’s call to allow players to be together under a single banner by introducing the Cross-Play feature (PS5 and Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One). Another proof that the Switch isn’t a cheap version, while owners of the Nintendo console will also taste the thrills of this game mode.

Electronic Arts, in the article that can be found at the top of the article, explains to us how clubs, for half the time, are played and the three phases are called Ligue, Promotion et Playoffs. Another interesting change is the disappearance of Relegation: clubs and players earn points and climb divisions until they get back to their home country after the end of the season.


Can A Sports FC 24 really shine without being called FIFA 24? We had fun of this and it will be necessary longer than promises.

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