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Easy Watts E-Opai – 500 euros less for this excellent electric scooter in the city

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Easy-Watts has a good number of electric scooters. The e-Opai has its type of vehicles. Even if this is found at thirteen90 euros instead of 1950 euros, it could be found by himself.

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Electric scooter is easier to reach than thermal models. Everyone wants to see something, but the e-Opai is a nice reference, if you would like to use 50cc equivalent models. You may like this two-wheeler, particularly since it is currently available at more than 500 euros cheaper on the Eco-Watts site.

What is e-Opai?

It is a motorcycle with no license. A range of 45 to 65 km by road, it can drive up to 45 km/h on an electric scooter.

The e-Opai, the company of Eco-Watts, is now shown at 130 euros on the manufacturer website thanks to a yearly reduction of 360 euros and using the promo code BTS200OPAI.

Remember that it is possible to benefit from state aids – national, regional or local level – in order to lower this electric scooter price further.

Using a light and maneuverable scooter, you can easily get a fast and gentle traveler.

The e-Opai from Eco-Watts is a c/d Electric scooter that looks great. That model is not the size of the smaller model, but is also the weight of 80 kg. In the transit, maneuvers are made simple, especially during rush hour. It is very good and the joysticks and the buttons are easily accessible. The main dial is backlit.

The e-Opai model is powered by a QS, can run at two hundred and four hundred Watts and is driving an average speed of 45 km/h. It offers three driving modes, a power limit and the speed limit to 25, 35 or 45 km/h depending on the mode. Acceleration is nervous in mode 3, and you almost forget that you’re on a 50cc. Moreover, the time needed to change, since the selector was the last to use. I’m sure that the braking is nice, but isn’t impressive enough to be able to use it if needed.

The city is perfect for you.

This version has an average range of 65 kilometers. It varies depending on the weather and the weight of the user. In normal traffic conditions in the city, the autonomy is not a mere 55 kilometers, but remains an ideal machine.

A battery, which has an estimated capacity of 1,44 kWh, can be recharged for 7 to 8 hours directly on the scooter. It’s rechargeable via a 220-v (no electric charge). The brand promises more than 60,000 km a day – or about 10 times daily usage.

The two-wheeler is ideal for city use. To find them, look at our range of the best electric scooters of the moment with 50 cc.

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