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eFootball 2024 uses the Denuvo anti-tamper technology now

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Now here’s something that took us away. In August, Konami released Update v3.0.0 for eFootball, which added irdetos anti-tamper technology. And, as you may know, eFootball 2024 uses a controversial anti-tamper, denuvo, the only device for gamers who like to use it, even in the controversy.

What’s interesting here also is that Denuvo seems to have introduced some console gamers with launch issues. There hasn’t been official statements since these crashes, so we don’t know when and if there’s a hotfix. If they blow the shit on you, you’ll miss a game.

There are many interesting plays, such as eFootball 2024. I don’t know exactly what Konami smoked when he decided to take Denuvo. Daghoo will certainly stop cheaters. Why does it have good use?

In my case of Denuvo, EA SPORTS FC 24, we’ll also have that. However, in this case, were discussing a real game with which EA has tried to protect its sales. This isn’t a free-to-play title. So at least it’s reasonable to use Denuvo in it.

I can’t expect Konami to immediately remove Denuvo from eFootball 2024. Unlike Bethesda, Warner Bros, Capcom, Bandai Namco and Square Enix who have removed Denuvo from their older games, both EA and Konami have kept Denuvo in their games.

For example, SE removed Denuvo from the Diofield Chronicle,VALKYRIE ELYSIUM,TRIANGLE STRATEGYandForspoken. The Octopath Traveler doesn’t use it anymore. In addition, Capcom has removed Denuvo from World of Warcraft: Flights in the notorious Evil Village. Warner Bros has removed it fromMortal Kombat 11. And then we have Bandai Namco who has removed it fromTekken 7andNARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER.

Although a lot of the previous FIFA games still use the Denuvo anti-tamper technology, the majority of the games are still using the anti-tamper technology. And yes, all EAs latest games still have it (as is the next EA game).

Finally, since Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain still has Denuvo, we can safely assume that Silent Hill 2 Remake and Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake will also be using it.

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