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EG7 and Daybreak: DCUOs volatility, EverQuests stability, Cold Irons new game, LOTROs canceled remaster

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Last night, we went on a video pitch for EG7s to investors, which included a segment of the conversation about the two-way process through which EG7 and Daybreak boss Ji Ham proposed, with the long-rumored EverQuest 3, an MMORPG theoretically set for 2028.

But the three-hour presentation didn’t only mean an impromptu monetization of our EverQuest Next grudges and dreams. As usual, the original reader and his father commented by the Ancient Gaming Noob, and his brother called a slide showing that he showed me a comparison of the revenue for all Daybreaks games.

There’s a clear advantage to this view. Ham says that figures are sensitive data. But even the comparison of data shows that DC Universe Online is, by far, the best performer of Daybreaks, as it has been for years. But despite the fact that the more casual the game like DCUO and PlanetSide 2, the more profitable its players are. He contrasts that with MMOs such as EverQuest, which is relatively stable, but in any case could be dislodged.

Some signifying peaks over the last two years, in spite of the fact that a he might even be above EQ a few times.

There’s a little bad news for LOTRO. Remember last year when EG7 began to talk about a remaster of the LOTRO? It isn’t going to happen now. Clearly, Ham uses it as a bad example of money on risk. He tells investors it would have cost the company something like thirty dollars and therefore, it could have built a brand-new game. Don’t worry that it’ll happen for LOTRO (as in the EG7s’s portfolio).

Overall, Ham tells investors Daybreak is in proportion to where it was before the pandemic jump, as far as the MMO increased profitability and argues that the portfolio is solid as he told investors during last quarterly report.

It’s not our fault, but we finally got an official answer to the strange Cold Iron story, as Ham confirms that it wasn’t the last time that Daybreak picked up the Aliens Fireteam studio, and that it wasn’t part of the EG7 buyout, hence why the partnership was never mentioned again. Ham now says EG7 has already published Cold Irons next game instead of buying the company outright.

Source: EG7. Bravo, Wilhelm and Justin!

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