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Elden Ring Fan’s Reimagines Ranni, Mohg, And More In Hades – Then An Elden Ring Fan Reimagines All of Me, The One who is Unreliable

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Elden Ring and Hades are two games with very different art styles. One set to show dread and awe in the player’s action, the other one is colorful and vibrant, and, well, pretty horny. Although Hades could do with a few different bodies other than muscly Greek gods, you can’t deny the mass appeal of the gods whose mass effect is depicted in the masterpiece of Supergiant.


But what happens if Elden Ring shared Hades flair with colorful characters? And the game was given away after the release of the third of the two lands of the month, GuZ_Art on Reddit, inspired by the Elden ring/Hades crossover images. Soon after that, the Elden ring defeated the game of the year at the Game Awards.

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Although GuZ_Art began with Ranni the Witch, Hades’ horny body might be eschewd in favor of something more accurate than Ranni, who inhabits a doll for the entire player’s time in The Lands Between. Ranni asks forgiveness for her intrusion to Hades like her in Elden Ring and wonders when Tarnished will take their obeisance to the Two Fingers.

Hades was to the Elden Ring. Blaidd The Half-Wolf (see posts for the previous post :D) from Eldenring

GuZ asked Redditors what Elden Ring character would do next, and obviously, Reddit landed on the turtle pope Miriel, the pastor of Vows. Even though Miriel is still a giant turtle, I can only look at these bedroom eyes when he is depicted in Hades style. Any time I’ll share your faith, dog.

Mohg became even more enthusiastic in Hades than in Elden Ring. And after that came Malenia, The Hand of Miquela, who has never known defeat. The background for this is Elysium Stadium, which appears appropriate for a fighter of all sorts of Malenia countries.

The half-wall of Elysium is fairly tame in Blaidd as an ideal occasion for Hades to show washboards.

I certainly hope that GuZ continues the series, and maybe portrays D, Hunter of the Dead next. That armor looks like it is a Greek god and this means it wouldn’t even be a whole stretch.


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