Electric car: the fastest charging stations in Europe will take the fastest to France


Fastned is partnering with EVBox to build an electric charging station for a 400 kW in the Netherlands. This charging station is the second most powerful in Europe and as well as a unit in Madrid, built in September last year by Circontrol. Something to worry about, the stars of the market, namely, Tesla and Ionity.

Autonomy and thus charging always made it easy for everyone to buy an electric car. All in all, the infrastructures have evolved well over the years, while the market is slowly becoming competitive. Since we are still far from the objective of installing 100,000 terminals in the United States by 2021, the site of Avere France emphasized that the country had 77,318 terminals as of October 31.

There’s a new alternative.

In part due to the arrival new players on the market, the number of players has decreased. We think of Ionity, but also of Electra, Allego or Fastned, among others. The latter is already well established in the area. Since last March, it signed a partnership with Sanef to establish three stations on highways. The operator is also present on the APRR network, and is going to arrive at ASF and Vinci soon.

The company announced the arrival of a new feature that could be used in the charge mode. I’ll remember that technology can assist you to recharge, so you could not take your wallet and identify yourself. The terminal automatically recognizes the car, as described in the Plug & Charge program.

However, the Dutch firm is going to go even further to attract electric car users and make charging even easier. Besides that, it’s partnered with EVBox, based in the Netherlands, in 2010 to offer a new-generation terminal called EVBox Troniq Modular High Power. In a press release, it became one of Europe’s most powerful.

But with this power, it’s guaranteed to deliver 400 kW, a value similar to those displayed by the chargers developed in Spain by the Spanish company Circontrol, and installed in Madrid since September. Fasned and EVBox have a limited number of charging points in the De Watering Station on the A8, near Oostzaan. This is in the testing phase.

You can take 200 kilometers in three minutes.

According to the company, this new terminal puts on a quick recovery to 100 kilometers of space in three minutes, dumping the waste. But you still need to find the car that can handle such power. Since now, the best cars, the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron, are able to use 270 kW. The electricity of the terminals can be shared by two cars which can power each other up to a maximum of 200 kW.

The new terminal would eventually be developed all over Europe if the tests are to be finalised. This would then hammer Tesla a serious challenge. Since the American brand is only offering a Supercharger of about 250 kHz in their V3 model. The V4 will rise to 350 kW, which is less than 270 kW, according to Lidl and Kallista.

We are not able to get the voltage from the Fastned terminal. However, we are capable of holding up to 800 volts as well as the Ionity peak, compared to the 400 volts of other operators. For example 18 minutes in length, the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 go to 10 to 80 percent.

In addition, the manufacturer has worked on multisensors capable of delivering up to 1 mW (1,1 kW). If we don’t know whether the brand-new cars will be compatible with the Semi and Cybertruck, then it’ll be possible to connect it to them. The fast terminals of Ionity cap at 350 kW.

Other brands are also working on ultra-powerful chargers like Nio, which produces 500 kW batteries. They’ll soon be found in China and Europe. The brand also continues to install its battery exchange stations, allowing you to leave with 100% autonomy in less than five minutes. Several are already present in Norway, and in Germany.

We tested the Nio ET7 electric car, but couldn’t choose a battery exchange system (Nio Power Swap Station), which allows the batteries to be recharged in five minutes. Let’s have a look at it now.

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