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Elite Dangerous Mission Board will not be loading a lot or stuck for some, but there’s possible workarounds

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Space always fascinated me. Consequently, when the launch of the Elite Dangerous platform, I decided to take a look at it. The Milky Way has been changed in space and changed the narrative, and its totality is re-created at its full dimensions.

The first of them is the spaceship and the credit card and must earn the skills, knowledge, the money and the power necessary to live in the competitive galaxy.

Elite Dangerous Mission Board, without loading at loading time.

However, some elite-dangerous players face a problem where the mission team isn’t loading or is entirely stuck (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).


On the train station, when a person clicked the ‘Planet’ and passenger lounge on the flightway, the ‘Track’ displays, and a loading wheel appears. To put however, it never loads and returns the players to the station menu.

This problem sometimes occurs at times that do not take place either after the start of the game or at times that take place and affects all of the star stations, Private or Solo.

The menu contains some other elements: cargo, commodity, contacts, and other elements.

As with the wait at Bertschinger, when I click Mission Board or Passenger Lounge, it all spins and goes back to the main menu. I have the 2 hour limit for this mission, so I have tried relogging, restarting, and reinstalling it. Cmon Fdev has the two-horse limit. Source

It is a long time ago that I can see how to call my rescue missions, but the mission board just says to stop and return to service. I logged My desktop I had access to the internet lol. Does this get to fdev or is there a solution? Source

The problem solved when it took so long to test, such as a validating game and moving the game to the different hard drive, and using a different network adapter.

Although the developer has not acknowledged this issue, it was included in the confirmed category on the forum.

Potential workarounds

Even though we found some workarounds, it can be resolved in advance of the release of a patch.

One of those focuses is going to the holo-me screen while the station is offloading and left the holo-me screen and getting into the station.


The second one is to transfer your most vulnerable client to the internet. Here’s a video where you can do so.

Let’s keep on with the latest developments and update this article, especially when there is something noteworthy coming out.

Image source: Global Dangerous Elites are among the largest.

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