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Elon Musk categorically insisted that the Tesla robotaxi does not have a steering wheel or pedal

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For the first time, Tesla management publicly announced its intention to create a specialized robocar for taxis at an event in April 2022, but data from Elon Musk’s personal biographer shows that discussion of the idea itself began in November 2021. From the beginning Musk insisted that this car has no steering wheel or pedals, and he never had to overcome this barrier.

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From our future biographical book of Walter Isaacsons about Elon Musk published by Axios, we understand the context in which a term of reference for the production of a specialized robotic electric vehicle was formed. Since November 2021, Tesla engineers and engineers tried to dissuade the boss of the company from the idea of depriving the car of its usual controls; yet in August 2022, he announced he prepared to take full responsibility for the car, insisting on removing the steering wheel and pedals as well as rear-view mirrors from the interior.

The billionaire is literally speaking: Let’s be clear. It has to be designed with pure materials. We’re going to take this risk. If you fail, that’s not the fault of me. But I don’t make any frogs that are part machine. We concentrate on autonomy.

In his interview with Isaacson, Musk said that this is exactly the product that makes Tesla a company with ten trillion in capitalization. People will talk about this moment for hundreds of years now, his head of Tesla shared his ambition.

The book, a combination of facts and a few examples of the ego-based theory for the use of electric cars costing about $25,000. In 2020, as part of a battery day event, Elon Musk said that a 480 volt battery would make it possible to create a electric car in this price range. Initially, its production was planned to begin in 2023 but the company resources concentrated on other areas, turning point came in September 2022. In the research, the company presented it with a goal of 20 million electric vehicles a year by the end of the decade without such a large vehicle.

At a meeting with investors in 2023, a new master plan was presented to reform production. The new plan will make Tesla a cheap electric car for $25,000 and a fully automatic taxi. In February at a meeting of the company’s board, Elon Musk saw concept-testing of both new models and was impressed by them. Both vehicles have a futuristic Tesla Cybertruck-like design. After both of these cars comes out, some people will think they’re seeing something from the future. Tesla could start producing a vehicle for a total of twenty-two dollars at a new plant in northern Mexico. In recent years, local media reported that Chinese contractors are not in any hurry to build their factories here, and to this reason the infrastructure is not ready for the production of Tesla electric vehicles in Mexico before 2025.

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