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Elon Musk could make videos from his Tesla interior camera prove the driver’s guilt in accidents

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But despite legal nuances, he couldn’t achieve his plans.

The interior-facing camera on the rear-view mirror console was very useful in the concept of Tesla electric vehicles a long time ago, but now the company isn’t making much time for its larger use. The Tesla system is capable of recording alarming events like unauthorized people entering the cabin, but it still doesn’t use the information above all the hardware, so some Chinese competitors can take action. The latter, for example, have already implemented in their cars biometric driver authentication, based on facial features. This is an effective platform to identify a specific vehicle user in a single application.

As is Electrek notes, a recently published biographical book based on Elon Musk mentioned an episode with his proposal to use an interior camera to document the situation at serious accidents that could happen due to driver negligence. A new autopilot system is not expected in the world. Its development will be necessary to ensure the drivers observe all the road progress, but that the driver has no doubt’s ability to get involved.

Image source: Electrek.

As it turns out, such a practice would have been illegal according to Tesla’s dedicated officers, the information privacy authorities, and so, the Elon Musks initiative, which ended in a highly-recognized manner, has finally been implemented. The interior camera of Tesla cars records short videos, but it doesn’t make the computer memory of the user without the knowledge of the user. Tesla must also accept the information exchange to let them help us save the data. Moreover, video from this camera is in any case not tied to the identification data of a specific vehicle and person. Legally, it is impossible to prove the recorded recording was made in a specific electric vehicle. Despite this fact, recordings made by Tesla’s internal camera won’t help the company protect its interests by deliberating on the consequences of an accident — the activation of driver assistance systems which leave no right attention to the latter.

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