Elypse Metroidvaia, which are very similar to Hollow Knight, will be released in 2023 Cerealkillerz in 2023


The company announced that PID Games and developer Hot Chili Games will release a side-scrolling action-platformer Elypse for Xbox 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in 2023. Each year, the sacrifice must be made to protect the poor of your people against the desert. This time the player was chosen and threw into the dark. No one has ever returned, but maybe you can get off the impossible? You live in a cave with his boulders. Having survived ten years is welcome by Nyx. By guiding him, you can try searching this platformer in Metroidvania, and allowing you to go out into the depths of the abyss.

Elypse is a 2D, with a gritty style, a modern generation of syringe, to create a world of action as it travels through a hellish world.An environment full of traps and dangers Explore the depths of the Abyss with a light-footed and nimble character. If you are looking for knowledge and patience, you must overcome the abyss and abandoning without discipline. Defend the abyss with the Intuitive Dash and Slash System. A tuned, intuitive Dash and Slash System lets you face treacherous and vicious enemies.


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