English Pokemon TCG Collectors Get The 2022 Contest Promos


A Japanese collector doesn’t always receive the cards from international Pokemon collectors. In the international versions, the standard set ofPokemon TCG has the same ring, for example the new international setSword andamp; Shield Silver Tempest is an adaptation of Japanese ‘Sonds and Avatar’. Japan’s promotional cards are all different. International collectors build aSWSH Black Star Promo set of 305 cards and Japanese collectors build theS-P Promo Set of 350 cards plus a number of unnumbered promos stamped with the set’s logo. There’s a selection of Japanese Pokemon TC cards that we never receive including Pokerun Channel’s Pikachu & Friends, Celebration Fanfare, YU NAGABA Pikachu, Kanazawa Pikachu, Gobbled Up Pikachu etc. Unlike previously known promo sets, most of the subjects listed were Japanese collectors, while the actual World Slopes Black Star Promo is offering the international Samoritan such a wide range of books that the Japanese collectors have translated into English. Let’s take a look at you.

2022 competition promotion. Goods: Pokemon TCG

Here is the original announcement of the winners of the Pokemon TCG illustration contest:

A total winner is REND, who will be awarded $70,000 for that Arcanine card, which depicts the Fire-style Pokemon lazing about with an Fletchling. The two other winners are all from Japan and both the United States. The Japanese Kasai Taiga illustrates Bulbasaur bounded by its vines with his cheerful face that it’s bouncing a little higher and darker. The United States’ Julie Hang draws a moody Greninja, where the famous Pokemon brooding through a dark and dark background. Each one of these will be given three thousand dollars.

In the future, the illustrations will turn them into promotional cards. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool, and find out when and where you’ll be able to get these, and also to find out whether they’ll be on the exclusive side of the illustrator’s country of either Japan or the United States.

I’m happy to give you insight on how to take your cards. You can submit your information to The Pokemon Center before entering into a drawing, to get these cards from a smuggler and purchase them in a pack of 30 dollars.


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