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Enotria The Last Song lands on Steam and the PlayStation Store: new details for the soulslike

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The Last SongItalian soul that we’ve followed with an ardent interest since it announcement, has now reached a milestone and reached its final release on Steam e PlayStation Store.

The guys of Jyamma Games took advantage of the launch of their game on digital platforms, sharing a lot of new images and information about it. These screenshots, which you can find in the bottom of this article, emphasize the important care taken for the creation of the sunny setting, inspired by Italian folklore, and built with the Unreal Engine 5.

The description, to the other hand, sheds more light on the narrative context of the production which, inspired by the world of theatre, sees a mysterious force called the Canovaccio, and squeeze the world in an unnatural stasis. The unnamed protagonist is the only person who is not an architect of his own destiny as he is not the dominant one of the powerful authors. Probably you have to defend your role, to dismantle them and to defend them against the truth in order to give the world no yoke.

The evocative setting is also an engine of the game: with the masks of fallen Authors you can assume your roles, and acquire their strengths, talents and, inevitably, weaknesses. In Enotria: The Last Song, you can switch between three different loadouts when you want, all fully customizable to suit your desired play style. An extensive talent tree will manage the game to get better on its own, and making it even more slick, for once unlocked, for the other person to create even more sophisticated and adaptable, games.

Ardor’s power enables the protagonist to change the reality and environment in order to solve puzzles, discover hidden secrets, reach areas otherwise unavailable and obtain strategic advantages over enemies. The combat system, very indebted to the teaching taught by the souls, is also capable of breaking the opponents posture, and gain a considerable force to attack power.

Enotria: The Last Song is a movie adaptation and is due to release in 2024 on the PC, Xbox 5, X|S, the sequel. Now you can follow her again by adding her to the wishlists from now on Steam and PlayStation Store.

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