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Ensemble Stars!! Music launching a new holiday event!

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Happy Elements has announced a holiday event with Ensemble Stars!! The music lasted several weeks. That event is celebrating its 50th Anniversary celebration, so it is of course, the new trend in mobile games is to celebrate every anniversary we can. That will be my last few weeks and include many events for you to attend, such as free Ticket or a Login Bonus, a 5-star Scout chance, and many more, which I can do through mid-Januarty. All of that came as a tune from some new tunes added to the music-themed idol training mobile game. We have more information at this stage.

Credit: Happy Elements!

“Show the stern! Music will include new updates, including the Half Anniversary Login Bonuses. Log in for 14 days to win the most bonuses, including the 700 Diamond, the 50% Anniversary Exclusive Scene, the Scout Scout’s original! Mysterious Myths and a lot more. Ensemble star: *!! Music is written by AKIRA, the well-known Japanese light novelist. Read an English novel, like Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, or Korean. There are four difficulty levels available in live-stages, from easy to expert modes.

The special day for the Fivend Anniversary will be included. During the half-century, the Scouts will be one time only and in the game you can pay with a 5 card as the MV outfit. In addition, it’s going to include Half Anniversary Bonuses. Take advantage of a certain amount so you can receive bonuses like the Half Anniversary Profile Frame, the Half Anniversary Bubble, DIA Scout tickets, a Diamond and a Gem. Ensembles Stars!! Music received no win in the “Best Pick Up & Play” category, 2022. On behalf of the operation team, you will send a 5 DIA Scout ticket to every producer, which can be claimed in the Producer’s Gift Box.”

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