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Enter now. WIN a new limited edition version of Cuphead on the Xbox!

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Win a Limited Edition copy of Cuphead on Xbox One.

Cuphead has an iconic appearance already, whether that is due to the unique visuals or hardcore gameplay. In fact, we would say that it is such a must-play title that you really should take in for yourselves. What if you don’t have any copy of the Cuphead? It could be hard for you to win this game, thanks to Skybound games. Oh yes, and they offer a limited edition copy here.

We teamed up with Skybound Games to bring all the players around the world a copy of Cuphead on Xbox. But this is not ordinary copy. This is a limited edition physical copy that looks great in your library.

It does not only play itself, but there are plenty of physical items that are included, too. The rollicking retail edition, offering during this contest, can also be available in one player or in cooperative mode.

  • Vintage Vibes with the Miss Chalice Fall-Down Toy.
  • Would you like to Laugh?!Six (6) Original Cuphead Funnies!
  • The membership card is numbered!
  • A great game! This is the original Cupheadgame plus the Delicious Last Course DLC.
  • Region Free Worldwide Compatibility

Which one are you going to enter? Well first things first, there’s totally free to get involved. Full details in the widget below are in the Gleam widget.

Do whatever we want, and follow the simple instructions, then turn off the competition in two weeks. Any details you leave are only used for this competition, and an incoming winner will contact immediately after the event. Now get Skybound Games to send the Limited Edition of Cuphead to Xbox.

Cuphead Limited Edition Xbox Giveaway.

After that decision, the Admin can be won with a chance to win the limited edition Physical copy of Cuphead on Xbox. There’s no alternate prize.Worldwide availability.


If you haven’t played Cuphead yet, read our review. If you want to buy a digital copy, you will find the game present and correct online.

The trailer below shows what is present in the Limited Edition of Cuphead.


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