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Epic Games launches new program to attract the exclusives of the game

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Since the launch of their game store, Epic Games has been working hard to attract developers for special releases of new projects. One of the biggest advantages of the Epic Games Store is its low cost of 12% and 30 % on Steam. Thus in the beginning, many companies willingly went for exclusive agreements lasting up to a year, and among them even such giants as Ubisoft and Square Enix. This exclusivity did not have significant gains in revenues, as the Epic Games Stores active user base is significantly smaller than the Steam community.

With more favorable conditions, the new Epic First Run program has been launched. If publishers agree to leave the game with the Epic Games store within six months, they’ll receive 100 percent of the proceeds from that period. This is a massive move, which could attract new users, which in turn encourage users to expand their audiences.

It’s important to note that Epic Games is starting to invest in development and its own publishing management. Remedy Entertainments Alan Wake 2 is out this fall. It’s partly funded by Epic and will be available only for their customers. Alan Wake Remastered was released in the Epic Games Store in the past two years.


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