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Epic Games Temporary Responsible for Death Stranding Directors Cut Distribution Error He Mixed Versions

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If you missed it, the Epic Games Store quickly removed Death Stranding: Directors Cut as a free game for Christmas and replaced it with the standard version. Having the hype around the purchase of this gift from the Epic Games Store temporarily crashed the store’s servers, leaving many confused and frustrated. Throughout the journey, Epic Games stepped in to burn the fire in adding fuel to the fire by removing Death Stranding. Directors are not warning. In the new edition there was the standard Death Stranding and nothing was known about what happened.

At least for today, Epic Games’ Chinese branch apologized to its users and tried explaining the situation: “Yes.”

Last night an Epic temp accidentally swapped the standard version of Death Stranding for the directors’ Cut. We apologize to the people who couldn’t obtain the directors’ haircut, and we’re very sorry. The publisher had a disagreement about how the standard version was to be released and our staff made mistakes. We are currently discussing our future plans with the publisher.

I don’t imagine what type of training was about, but rather, it is a pity that post doesn’t give any idea what their future fate is that nameless hero is. The person who managed to give a wonderful gift, even though it was by mistake. Although, I think this was a big-discharge of the entire Epic Games and 505 Games publishing house, many support staff were sure that Direcors Cut was involved in the distribution. A few hours before the launch, dataminers showed them that it would be a Directors Cut. At least one person also reached out to Epic Games support and confirmed the decision to cut the directors would be what should’ve been available.

Death Stranding: In the movie Directors Cut, the game is better for PC. It includes additional graphical features including support for 4K resolution, removal of adware for certain products like Monster energy drinks, new combat abilities and upgrades, and a Destroyed Factory mission that players will want to play on their own. But it doesn’t make drastic changes and it’s completely optional for that game.

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