Epic Store and the mess of death beaching on PC: all the fault of an intern?


The vast chaos of the Epic store with Death Stranding for free at Christmas continues to hold the court on social networks and the most popular gaming forums. According to what was on Weibo by the Chinese Division of Epic Games, the chaos that has been generated by the version of Death Stranding as a gift would’ve been caused by an intern.

When Epic Games shared the post on China’s most popular social network, the American publisher and developer wrote the deed out publicly and apologized to all the players, explaining that an employee of Epic (currently an intern) entered by mistake Death Stranding Directors Cut among free games. In the agreement that we had to have with the publisher of Death Beaching on PC, we would have to offer the standard version of this game for free, therefore the team were the ones who made this mistake. We are currently meeting with the publisher about the effects of this issue. We’re truly sorry for the error made and apologize to all who couldn’t get The Directors Cut of Death Stranding free.

The dispute was related to the fact that Epic Games did not comply with all the resentments of the famous movie movie The Night, and the fact that the original version was sold with the film’s publisher, The Walking Dead, and the movie’s original creator, not even in a game with a game by the player. In addition to the inelegant accusations and the indeliction of the innocent misjudgeding of the execution of the artist, an article from the ape who defended himself from the original video


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