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Episode 3 Walkthrough – Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space

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By TheAussieBlue

A quick guide to completing episode 3 of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space.

Episode 3 Walkthrough

After the opening cutscene, immediately exit the office and walk out onto the street. Once there, click on the Beer Stein to unlock a new clue. Then head to the far right and enter Stinky’s Diner. Now that you are there, talk to Stinky and ask about the Sun Lamp, then ask if you can take it. When she says yes, head to the far right and take the Sun Lamp, or rather, the Sun Lamp Bulb.

Now head back outside onto the street, and head to the right to talk to the C.O.P.S. Ask about the Zombie Factory, then select “We just want to Pimp our car” then “You must have an upgrade” after that “We want that Antenna” and then “Affirmative. You will now enter a Minigame about shooting disks at zombies.

To play the Minigame, move left and right with the A and D keys respectively and use the right mouse button to shoot. It can be a bit difficult to get the timing of the disks down, but the closer you are to the Zombies the easier it should be. Once you have completed the Minigame, hop in your DeSoto car and drive to Stuttgart.

Once at the rainy castle, head to the far right to a small graveyard and click on the open grave to receive a Brain! Then head back to the far left where you should see a Gargoyle near the top of the screen facing the DeSoto. Take the Brain and use on the Gargoyle. Then knock on the Castle door and ask to be let in.

Once inside, it will be revealed that the Zombie Factory is a Nightclub! Owned and run by a… fruity… Vampire called Jurgen. Jurgen is making Zombies in his Nightclub and plans to take over the world! After a short cutscene have a chat with Jurgen, asking about the source of his power which is his Style, then ask about Midtown Cowboys to unlock a new area.

Walk around the club moving in a clockwise fashion to get to the small store at the back. Take a bottle of water (or more accurately “steal”) and continue past the DJ Booth to a Coffin. Look at the Coffin and memorise the last word of every line of the “poem” written on the Coffin lid.

Then return to the DJ Booth. The Poem and the Soundbite Keyboard appear to be randomised, and what words the buttons say when pressed is always hidden until you press them. To solve the puzzle, press the buttons in order of the Poems last words: for example the solution may be “Death” “Misery” “Embrace” and “Letters”. Once completed, the Coffin lid should open.

Walk through the Coffin to reveal a secret passage! Once through the secret passage, use the Sun Lamp Bulb on the disco Spotlight, then head back through the secret passage. Use the DJ Booth and look at the bottom row of songs. Push them one after another until Jurgen decides to dance and gets burned by the Sun Lamp Spotlight, ruining his Style of Dance and weakening Jurgen.

Head back outside and click on the trash can to get a packet of Cigarettes. Use the DeSoto to drive to the TV station. Once there, enjoy a short cutscene and then talk to the film director, and when you’re done asking her about the show, say you want to start filming. Then, after a short cutscene, open your inventory and use the Cigarettes on the bag, and then tell the director you wish to start filming again.

After the short cutscene go back to Your office, and use the Water Bottle on the Ceremonial Altar from the last episode. This should transform the Water into Holy Water. Now head back to Stuttgart.

Once at Stuttgart, head to the entrance, but do not go in. Use the holy water on Max first,then use the holy water on the bin, then go in. Enjoy the sight of Jurgen choking on the Garlic smoke from the Cigarettes, making him even less Stylish than before. Now, quickly talk to Jurgen before the Holy Water wears off and tell him he’s not all that (should the water wear off go back outside, grab the Holy Water from the bin, and drink it again) then challenge him to an open mic competition.

Once the Open Mic begins, introduce Sam as “Count Cryptwind Deathgrasp” and Max as “Baron Bat-Anguish von Nightmare”. Choose your rhymes as grimly as possible with “knock you out deader than Bela Lugosi” followed by “endless torment and sorrow” finishing up with “Death and Decay”.

With this childishly grim song, the Zombies should be impressed by you, and Jurgen should drink the Holy infused blood of Max before attempting his freestyle poem, only for the holy Water to burn him and force him to retreat to the toilet, making his final Style decay and rot.

Jurgen will be forced to retreat through the secret passage in the Fireplace. Follow him. A cutscene will play, and afterwards the Freelance Police will be revealed… as Zombies! Head back inside the Zombie factory and try to enter the fireplace, only to be interrupted by a cutscene of Flint Paper breaking into the scene and acting like a hard-boiled detective (if the cutscene doesn’t play wander around a little bit).

Head through the fireplace anyway and enjoy the cutscene with Sam and Max’s souls. The head over to the Alchemy Table to the right, and pick up the Bolt Cutters. Then walk to the opposite side of the room and pick up the Wooden Stake.

Now look at the painting of Literate Jurgen. Just behind him you should see another “poem” saying “Abyss” “Razors” “Pain” and “Parents”. that’s right it’s time for another puzzle. Head back downstairs and to the DJ Booth pressing the buttons “Abyss” “Razors” “Pain” and “Parents” in that order.

Now walk through the Open Bookcase and attack Flint from behind. In a cutscene you should take Zombie Lincon’s Brain. Now head back outside to the Desotot and drive back to your Office. After yet another short cutscene follow Jessie James’ hand into Stinky’s Diner. Walk to the LEFT of the disembodied hand and click on it repeatedly until it can go no further. Then click on Stinky once, then on the Hand again. Then click on the hand one more time to take it for yourself.

Now use the Bolt Cutter’s on the Super Antenna attached to the DeSoto to get the Super Antenna and head back to Suttgart. Head into the Zombie Factory and back upstairs through the Fireplace.

Head to the far right and use the Super Antenna on the Alchemy Machine, and then pull the power switch once, to activate the Alchemy Machine, then a second time to wake up Jurgen’s Monster. Talk to Jurgen’s monster a bit BUT DO NOT GO TO SYBIL’S JUST YET. We need to build the monster.

Click on the body parts next to the Monster, and use Lincon’s Brain on his head, and Jessie James’ Hand on the handless arm. Then talk to the monster and say to go visit Sybil.

At Sybil’s click on the Questions, and ask them one after the other. When you click on the Brain card, quickly walk over to the big pile of Gifts to the right and take the Chocolate Heart. Then head back to the lab with the Monster.

Once back in the lab, use the Chocolate Heart on the Alchemy Machine, then click on the Table of Body Parts next to the Monster. Then use the Golden Heart on the Monster’s Heart Container. Now talk to the Monster again, and head back to Sybil’s.

At Sybil’s, click on the Questions, then select the Cards until Sybil chooses the Monster as the winner, only to change her mind and go back to Stone Lincon. Now take the Soul Mater and rush back to your Souls in Stuttgart’s secret lair and laboratory.

You will be bonded with your souls, and then a fight will begin against Jurgen. To win, use the Soul Mater on the Monster who has returned to his small corner to the right. then, pull the lever on the Soul Sucker Machine, then quickly jump in. Your souls will be sucked right out and merge with the Monster. As the Monster, use your Stake on Jurgen (if you don’t have one, grab a new one form the Stake Rack to the far left).

This will defeat Jurgen and allow you to win the game!

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