Escape from Tarkov entrants refused to leave Twitch again


Battle State Games were banned on January 1, for the second time in three years. While the previous ban was due to a developer infaking suicide, no official reason is being provided for the current ban. The ban came at the time when Battlestate Games planned a holiday broadcast of Escape from Tarkov, so the timing isn’t the best. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how long the ban will last.

This channel is temporarily unavailable because of the violation of the Twitch Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, reads the developer channel.

Fans launched a hashtag on Twitter to attract attention to the ban by sharing #FreeBSG on the platform. Twitch users complained that the platforms rules can be too strict and sometimes even irrelevant. Considering this, it’s difficult to imagine Twitch holding the ban too long, but those players who escape from Tarkov can still get Twitch drops even with Battlestate Games on the platform as it continues through the SherpaHub channel.

Battlestate Games was able to succeed immensely from Escape from Tarkov to Twitch; Escape from Tarkov got a lot of popularity thanks to game streams. Twitch streamers have helped introduce audiences to a range of games they might not have found otherwise, popularizing games like Among Us and Phasmophobia. The developer wants to play on the platform and ensure it doesn’t happen a third time.

Escape from Tarkov is only available on PC.


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