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Escape from Tarkov received a new report with a new location and support for AMD FSR 2.1

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The latest update for Escape from Tarkov is going out today, and will finally open up the long-awaited streets of Tarkov, or some other part, anyway. There’s a new area to study, new skills to learn, new weapons to get used to. Finally, with the release of the update, the game added support for FSR 2.1 intelligent scaling and much more.

Since there were no changes in the map of the escape from Tarkov, what was done in the past is the revision of the release number The roads that Battlestate has been talking about for a while are now explorable, however, all the new territory isn’t available yet.

According to Battlestate and the 0.13 update notes, this update adds a part of Tarkov, located at the intersection of Primorsky Prospekt and Klimov Street. New locations offer an upscale look with a hotel, a news agency, an abandoned factory and other urban infrastructure. More locations will be added in future updates.

Of course, there isn’t any other item in the new Escape from Tarkov update. The weapons included in the PG-25 grenade launcher, the SR-2M submachine gun, and the RSH-12 assault revolver.

Repair kits also received fun new effects in the update. Weapons, vests, and plates are now well-respected if you repair them with a repair kit. Of course there are caveats: for example, for example, to improve the items, you have to reach grade 10 of the corresponding skill. Keep reading the report and tell me exactly how this new repair kit works.

If you want Tarkov, who is less than friendly and stressful, you’ll be glad to know that the co-op mode has also received a few changes. With new settings and improved energy consumption, new tools have been added to reduce the amount of water in the water and the ability to customize the bot or to completely remove them from the game. You’ve also added new voices and some bosses are coming to the screen.

If you want to read patches notes, you can do that in the official Battlestate forums.


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