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Esports is Now a Professional Sport in India

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It’s the world’s second most populous nation, esports is officially a profession.

India reclassified competitive gaming as a multisport event, separating them from online gaming and shifting it into the same category as cricket, soccer, and other sports.

The countrys Esports Federation approved what it considered a monumental decision to grow their pro presence and league ambitions.

  • While online gaming is a loose term referring to gaming in any genre, no matter how advanced it is, the term “esports” refers to competitive video gaming, wrote government officials.
  • This shift will open up opportunities for esports and sponsorship.
  • The India Department of Sports will oversee sports practice.

It will be one second to see esports being placed in the same league as cricket, football, basketball, etc., and having same fan power, scale and craze, wrote the EFI.

World | by Justin Byers.

India wishes to host 2036 Olympics.

India is considering a bid for the 2019 Olympics. December 28, 2022

Leveling Up

Esports was a medal event at the Asian Games 2022, and competition for eight games including FIFA, League of Legends, and Street Fighter V.

The International Olympic Committee will organize its first Olympic Esports Week in Singapore in June.

World esports prize winners reached 220,9 million dollars in 2022 per esportsearning. The Chinese took the number 29 in all countries with 1,6 million, while the Chinese were led by 45 million as a result.

According to Forbes, the top 10 esports teams averaged $33 million as of May 2022, with the top team TSM exceeding $540 million.


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