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Evan Verhulst Verhulst wins the first-ever EA Positive Play Award at the ALGS Championships 2023

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During the 2023 AvG World Series Championship, the EA presented the first negative play award in the event of the first ever positive play award to Evan Verhulst. This award is designed to recognize those who are positively involved in the EA games community, and Verhulst is the first recipient thanks to the impact that he has had on the ALGS scene.

The EA has been planning the Positive Play Award since the ALGS Split Two Playoffs this year. Of the 120 nominees, more than 60,000 people voted for Verhulst. Many of whom were told that he was the one who deserves the award was not only the one who has yet to succeed, but the majority of him has more than just said.

Betrayed by He was awarded the EA a Positive Play Prize.

The ALGS Championship 2023 runs this week and Finals Day takes place today. To commemorate the furious Apex Legends action, EA took the time to give a first-ever Positive Play award to TSMs Verhulst. An award recognizes personal characteristics that influence their community’s impact upon their peers and followers. Almost everyone at the show agrees that Verhulst deserves most of this award.

A Positive Play Award was given to Verhulst on Final Day, which was shown above. There’s something about the importance of that award that EA paused the frenetic day of the event for his son to give it out.

Verhulst was nearly lost by words when he asked for his thoughts, after being told he’d won. If you won the Positive Player Award, what would you say? Thanks to the EA for taking this award. Thank you for seeing what I’m trying to do.

The teammates described the concept of verhulst as an advocate for positiveness even in harsh situations. He is an important inspiration to everyone at the ALGS, but as we’ve heard countless times chatting to them during the event. EA wants to promote positive play with one of its most popular games.

This first award is just a start, and more will be presented soon. The criteria for the award are fairly simple. Positivity is a difficult one to define, but the actions of individuals over all they do and where they have a responsibility to others and their fans, have all been taken into account before they are even added to the list of nominees.

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